offline PharoahX16 Master  
Wednesday 15/11/2006, 03:45

Can anybody give me a good deal

offline SkizzoAOD-EVO Master  
Thursday 16/11/2006, 04:09

I have Amy (lv1), Rebecca (lv1), Josh (lv1) and Chloe(lv3) offers ?

offline Zzel- Hero  
Thursday 16/11/2006, 13:32

I have aurelia fully evolved, offer??? smiley

offline KV SecaDanEVO Senior  
Thursday 16/11/2006, 15:52

Sorry ZzEL, but ou can't sell smiley

offline Zzel- Hero  
Friday 17/11/2006, 05:46

Y not =( ???smiley

offline KV SecaDanEVO Senior  
Friday 17/11/2006, 14:13

You have to purchase credits with real money ( look at the shop )

offline Zzel- Hero  
Sunday 19/11/2006, 07:34

=O true ty guys and sorry 4 being such a newb =P

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