offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 12:58

Trading for/ buying:

Kenny (R)
Estalt (U)
Mojo (U)
Sheitane (U)
Beltran (C)
Page (C)
Yookie (C)
Nahi (C) or Noodile (C) haven't decided yet

I have 9,645 clints TOTAL. and my rarest card is Marlysa. I'm not sure if i will trade my gaia. Ask me what cards u want and i will gladly consider. I have cards from Montana, Fang Pi, Pussycats, Gheist, Bangers, All Stars, and Ulu Watu.

offline 0 norgo 0 Hero  
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 17:23

I have armand if you are interested. he is in roots

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 20:40

I hve extras of page and nahi, but they are soleil so i'm not sure i'm willing to trade/sell them.
what would offer me for them?

offline Basic Shadow Imperator Guild Of The Shadows
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 22:08

I have Mojo from Nightmare, do you have Methane.

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Wednesday 18/04/2007, 04:13

Nope, just a couple extras of page and nahi

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Wednesday 18/04/2007, 08:20

Hey ave got estatlt , kenny ,ombre,dwain,cell and candy jack

offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Friday 20/04/2007, 14:43

Lol ur like me i covet my soleil cards! i might not be needing nahi anymore im not sure yet one of my guild members might hook me up.

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