offline razorborne Veteran Army of Darkness
Tuesday 20/06/2006, 05:16

How much would she be worth and does anyone have one? I'd be
willing to trade a lot of different cards for one (Or DJ Korr/
Berserkergirl, though they seem to be worth, approximately, god), but
I've only got like 2500 clintz. Level 4 Bridget and Ashigaru, and level 3
Timber and Vansaar (vansaar's near leveling) are all tradable, though.
not sure if any of that's worth it, but I'm looking to finish off my Junkz
collection, and I figure getting perle now is probably a good idea.

and out of curiosity, does anyone know how which pack the Junkz are

offline Z Earth Novice  
Tuesday 20/06/2006, 05:50

Junkz are in the "cool" pack. Don't you have the little tooltip (wich
indicate wich clans are in each pack) when hovering over the icon in
the shop?

You can have a basic idea of the price of each card just by going to
"characters", then click on the character you want, you'll have an "avg
price" indicated (it's the current actives sales avg price).

offline Gorukha Senior  
Wednesday 21/06/2006, 11:31

Sales averages arent a good thing to go by considering people sometimes price their cards incredibly high, for crappy cards especially.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Wednesday 21/06/2006, 18:59

Another solution is to "search for the same card" (currently: in the game
application itself), you'll get the lowest current price for a particular card,
then you just have to sell yours a bit under smiley

offline mega man zx Master  
Thursday 22/06/2006, 04:44

A 2nd thing that may help there is no lvl 1 of her only 3 and up

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Friday 23/06/2006, 00:30

Rave killer is right, perle starts out as a level 3 character. i had an extra pelre and i sold her for 45,000 clintz and someone actually bought her. thanks to her i have upped my collection.

offline STARFIST-EVO Veteran  
Saturday 24/06/2006, 17:07

I'm willing to trade Perle for the DJ Korr/Berserk Girl combo. Contact me for a private exchange.

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Monday 03/07/2006, 00:14

Hey starfist, is your offer still up? Can't PM you, you have your communication disabled.

offline Lonith Hero  
Thursday 03/08/2006, 11:00

I'll Trade my Prele for the DJ Korr/Beserker Girl combo also. -Sith- K_Jun if you have thoes 2 cards and would trade them to me for Perle you and reply here, PM me and message me. Also if you do have these cards to trade to me for Perle please put them in Private sell to me for 50 clintz each and I'll put Perle in private sell to you for 100 clintz so that this way we trade the cards only. W8ing for your reply. And constantly checking Private sell.

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