Tuesday 04/12/2007, 16:31

smiley my first sale smiley
1. any scamming i will report.
2. if you know the price off a card, say for instance, amrose for Mac Hen and 500 clintz, dont bother pming me then.

my (CR) cards smiley

Ambrose (CR)
Elya (CR)
Ombre (CR)
Ombre (CR)
splata (CR) x 2
Dwain (CR)

My (R) cards smiley

Vicky (R)
Kerry (R)
Kiki (R)
Jackie (R)
Perle (R)
Joao (R)
Nistarok (R)
Leviatonn (R)
Maciej (R)

My (U) cardssmiley

Vladimir (U)
Malmoth (U)
Mojo (U)
Nanook (U)
Josh (U)
Sheitane (U)

That is all my card's for sale at the moment, i wont be on message board much so pm me ok.

Thanks for your time smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Tuesday 04/12/2007, 17:17

Are these maxxed?

Tuesday 04/12/2007, 17:45

If you wat to buy these, pm me an offer, i dont like choosing what i want thanks, and yes fully maxedsmiley

Tuesday 04/12/2007, 18:13

smileyI sent u messagesmiley


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