offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 16:33

Why is the general price of cards going down to the sewer? Why is the price of saddy, for instance, getting down to 10 000c if a week ago it was 20 000c? Why are the prices of the new Cr cards never above 10 000?

And, a question that my answer the above questions, why aren't the cards taken from the market after 72 hours? My ndololo cr is on sale for around 5 days now, and it doesn't leave. Anyone want to guess?

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 17:37

Why is Graksmxxt only 29k when a fewweeks ago 40k
Why is Chloe only 32k when normally around 40k

I think it's normal for a market and they soon wil go up again. (or so i hope, cos i'm buying allot of graksmxxt now smiley )

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 17:55

I tink there are a lot of jim dwain ...... on the market so this cards a cheap

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 18:31

Prices are stupid now i guess you just have to wait and see if they get better and buy fast bodenpower 2k when a few weekesa ago 7ksmiley

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