offline fernando 77 Hero  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 15:44

I really need these ones

Selsya Cr

offline kronos35 Master  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 16:22

Ur in luck i got a skrumxxt

offline fernando 77 Hero  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 20:06

Someone intersted in selling??

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 22:40

Wat u got i got them all part from the cr

offline yobirdie Master  
Wednesday 15/08/2007, 21:19

I want any cards u can private sale to me

offline fernando 77 Hero  
Thursday 16/08/2007, 04:27

I've allready got them, it just left GraksmxxT (R)

so if someone have it anna sell it or trade, PM me.

offline Mikuljonac Senior  
Friday 07/09/2007, 09:34

How much for ashigaru,i have just 1k

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Clint City, day.