offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 31/05/2008, 21:16

Hello everyone,

We have migrated to php5 on thuesday/friday and a few bugs have been appearing but should now all be fixed.
(We couldn't fix them earlier as the 2 peoples who could have fix the bug were at a common friend's wedding)

To sum up:
- level up bonus too high (was using the ending level instead of the starting level due to a new php5 behavior)
- comments not showing up (new php5 behavior as well)
- Fatal error about XML/RPC.php (our load balancer wasn't behaving as expected and kept sending traffic while we were upgrading)
- players disappearing from the players list (one of the server that we had to completely upgrade was 1 hour late because the time-sync program was not at the same place as before)
- strange tournaments points behavior (same reason as previous bug)

The server 1h delay was on 1 of our 9 webservers but may have cause lots of inconsistents bugs in various places.

Everything should be fine now, please contact support with a precise description if you see any remaining issue. We wont be able to follow the forum.

Have a good week end,


offline MAD DAWGz Hero  
Saturday 31/05/2008, 21:26

I noticed a bug or 2

offline 0Vman Titan  
Sunday 01/06/2008, 02:40

I have also noticed a very minor, but pesky problem. When I go to look at the Pirana teaser page, a little bit of the top is cut off so I can only see, " their ally" then I can see the rest down. Same thing happened with the Artwork contest thing. And somethimes when I log on to the site, the top of the welcome screen is grey instead of black. Is this because of the new program? Or is this because of my computer?

offline LB DyAbLo Titan  
Sunday 01/06/2008, 05:01

I still have the bug its not fixed!smiley

offline TnT-SylntEcho Colossus TRiNiTY
Sunday 01/06/2008, 05:13

I liked the first bug smiley

thanks for removing the other bugs

offline Dr_Peleecis Legend Drunkers
Monday 02/06/2008, 08:51

Hey whats with elo - cant play in it with a valid deck :/

offline Dr_Peleecis Legend Drunkers
Monday 02/06/2008, 10:05

Oh,sorry - its nothingsmiley

offline DeadlySkwater Veteran  
Monday 02/06/2008, 13:20

Daily tournaments
Kate, Today at 21:16
Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "daily_tournament/results_en.tpl" in /usr/share/php/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

Would this also be a bug. i got this message from kate

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Monday 02/06/2008, 13:25

Same deadly..same with me

offline Ylikov Novice  
Monday 02/06/2008, 14:11

Same with me also

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