offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Friday 30/11/2007, 21:40

I am selling rass cr 0xp, shawoman cr 0xp, manon cr lvl max and berserkgirl cr lvl max. Rules:
- You may bid whatever you want, but I will not sell for lower than 1 500 000 clintz each (1 200 000 for shawoman cr) or 5 500 000 for the whole pack
- I prefer soleils than other collectors, and I don't want "bigger Crs" (above 1M) neither non-collectors
- I'd rather prefer cards than money, but that's not quite a must-obey rule
- "The whole pack" offers will have preference from single-card offers
- Auction ends on christmas' eve or when there are no new offers for 3 days (that's my holiday gift smiley )

offline Dx 188 - LOA Master  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 01:05

I have Tessa which is soleil smiley

offline 0-MC Hero  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 05:05

I have miss twice cr , nahi cr and page cr

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 13:51

0et-Jimbo786, Yesterday at 19:07
for Manon Cr cr i offer 1 Sigmund Cr 1 Marlysa Cr 60 000 3 splata cr 6 Tessa

PI-smokerOLD, Today at 06:26
Manon Cr for NDololo Cr 0xp + 2 sigmund cr 0xp + 70 000 clintz

those are the only offers 'til now

offline chainz-old Veteran  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 16:14

I ahve kerozinn Cr

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 16:47

Well, I don't need to know what soleil you guys have, I want offers on my cards =P

offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 17:27

I give good offer for you smiley please give me good answer to it smiley

offline alexander brz Legend UndertakeR TeaM
Sunday 02/12/2007, 05:41

5500000 in soleils for the pack smiley

offline 0_Dribble Colossus Open Casket
Sunday 02/12/2007, 10:05

Add another sigmund on top of my offer and 3 diyo

offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Sunday 02/12/2007, 18:10

He is da best smiley
Trsde with he are very easy smiley smiley
Thank YOU smiley

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