Saturday 08/12/2007, 07:51

I exchange Manon Cr for the equivalent in soleil cards of 2.000.000 clintz

please don't post trades that you know I can't accept and pm me if you have a serious offer

Saturday 08/12/2007, 13:56

Shawoman Cr?

Saturday 08/12/2007, 23:01

No, sorry, manon is too valuable and I'm only willing to trade her for 2mil in soleil cards or clintz or a combination of both

Sunday 09/12/2007, 19:24

Maybe Shawoman Cr 0xp?
Of course if Manon Cr is 0xp

Sunday 09/12/2007, 19:26

I only got 35k worth of excess Solei cards, and i really want to try manon in ELO bro! PM me asap!

Sunday 09/12/2007, 19:33

Why is that card so expensive? I don't get it, I got a card with better stats that that

Sunday 09/12/2007, 19:47

Ndololo 0xp + Sigmund Cr + 5 tessa + 2 Splata Cr + 50 000

Sunday 09/12/2007, 19:57

Sorry but that's around 1.4 mil and I'm looking especially for soleil cards

Sunday 09/12/2007, 20:55

Nebula, cr cards are more expensive because they are no longer available on the market, and the "old" cr that were withdrawn from the market a long time ago are the most expensive ones. not all cr are good cards, many of them are quite the opposite but all the players want them in order to complete their collection. and regarding manon she is actually quite a good card, 2/6 with +4 power as ability at level 3 is more than decent smiley


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