offline pumpkin Guru  
Friday 31/08/2007, 09:37

Summer nears its end but the war of the clans isn't ready to stop. More likely it's going to become even bloodier with the arrival at GHEIST of the frightening Dr Saw and Bristone, the mysterious double agent.
The Sakrohm, in greatest secrecy take in two discrete but determined allies Trinmkkt and Corinna.
While Ulu Watu are even cooler with new reinforcements like the sexy Lulabee and crunchy Warren.
All these characters are available now in the New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude packs at the Shop.

offline Assislau Novice  
Friday 31/08/2007, 13:57

Anybody knows their abbilities??

I would Like to know:

Dr. Saw
Bristone, Trimnkkt and Corrina´s abbilities please smiley

offline -Gothic-Evo Guru  
Friday 31/08/2007, 13:58

Can someone give their ablities and stats.?

offline Zhupons Imperator  
Friday 31/08/2007, 14:16

Tarr she isn't the first one... Guru Cr, kiki and charlie have all 5 levels available too!

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Friday 31/08/2007, 14:39

Errrrr............ cbr tarr...u should know charlie started at lvl1 too

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Friday 31/08/2007, 14:48

CBP Tarr, Kiki and Charlie have all five levels too

offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Friday 31/08/2007, 15:33

Well now we have mom dad and son mxxt.i personally saw this coming.any word when well here of graks sister?

offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Friday 31/08/2007, 15:35

Whoops.i assumed she married the graks married to trinm?ang scrum is her father in law?

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Friday 31/08/2007, 16:42

Power = power opp
Power +2

offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Friday 31/08/2007, 16:47

Unoficial stats from kirlad database
Corrina-6/4 attack+8
TrinmkkT6/6 -4opp damage min3 (so a grak replacment)
Lulabee 6/5 stop opp bonus at lv4
Warren3/3 power=opp power
Bristone6/4 -3opp damage min2
Dr Saw 6/4 +1 life per damage

offline Manecofigo Guru  
Friday 31/08/2007, 17:21

Dr Saw (C): 6/4 +1 life per dmg (um Loma Noju (R) comum... francamente...)
Bristone (U): 6/4 -3 opp dmg min 2
Corrina (R): 6/4 +8 attack
TrinmkkT (U): 6/6 -4 opp dmg min 3 ( )
Warren (C): 3/3 power = power opp
Lulabee (R): x/x (i'll bet in something close to 7/7) stop opp bonus

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