offline Yami Prem Titan  
Monday 17/05/2010, 17:18

I'd figure we'd need this here. smiley

Post your best DM score and a link/list of the deck you used to obtain that score.

offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Friday 06/08/2010, 19:08

You ranked 1st in a Deathmatch with 530 points!
You have won 150 bonus points and 50 Clintz.

SentiUppers Survivor

offline Rage Titan  
Friday 06/08/2010, 20:15

I've lost count of how many DM matches iv'e placed 1st since DM started, and I'm not a 100% sure what my highest score ever was.

However I did place 1st in four DM matches in a row today

offline yk-lyss Titan E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 21/08/2010, 08:55

New highscore! smileysmiley
655 with this deck --> deleted smiley

offline u MaD BrO Senior  
Sunday 22/08/2010, 05:53

The highest score with proof so far is 665 by some guy playing uppers/junkz in t1 DM
he had screenshot i forgot his name

offline 0 VEN0M Senior  
Sunday 22/08/2010, 10:32

585 baby jst check out the DM preset i got a couple smileysmiley

offline Skeelz Ownz Veteran  
Monday 23/08/2010, 09:26

1st with around 430 points

offline 4SALEPM Senior Fly School ★
Tuesday 24/08/2010, 01:56

1st ith around 430 aswell lolzsmiley

offline 0 VEN0M Senior  
Thursday 26/08/2010, 23:28

610 new record

offline 0_AAR Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 27/08/2010, 11:21

635 smiley

offline 0 VEN0M Senior  
Friday 27/08/2010, 18:54


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