offline Arastyr Imperator  
Monday 31/05/2010, 03:53

So here is my first deck ive built for survivor elo. I have all pirannahs and most jungo and nightmare to work with too. Manejando pillz en survivor (someone else had same deck lol, go figure mono piranah for survivor).

offline TCG_Kris Senior  
Monday 31/05/2010, 05:06

Manejando pillz en survivor

Thats the Preset...

Now, I dislike the use of Trey and Hawkins Noel in Survivor because of the very low Damage. It hurts when say, your opponent has 1-2 more life or a lof of DR's.

Since you have Jungo, Maybe a split Deck of them and Piranas?
Something like:

Scopica Pegh Nyema Radek
Selma Tyd Smokey Cr Ulrich

It has decent Life Gap capabilities and 2 great DRs.
I'm not a Survivor Type ELO expert tho so maybe My thinking is wrong.

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