offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 23:40

While this was posted in the forums under the leaders topic, I personally am already tired of getting emails about this subject.

Sending me an in game email (ie StormWhisper) is NOT contacting customer service. I'm just going to redirect you to contact customer service.

If you have gone to the correct page to receive your leader. Gotten the little message box that says "Your gift has been received" and did NOT get your leader. Or if you got 2 of the same leader (Ie 2 Timbers and 0 Vansaars). You will have to contact Customer Service to get the issue resolved.

While I (and other moderators and Admins) can and are more than willing to help you with a great many things in this game.. this is not one of them. You must contact customer service to have any issues with receiving your leaders resolved.


offline CerebralTank Guru  
Thursday 27/03/2008, 00:18

Lol sorry about that smiley didnt know to go to customer service to resolve that

thanks for letting me know for future mishaps =]

offline Apostel Hero  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 09:43

So how long till we can trade leaders again? i need a morphun for my deck smiley smiley smiley and please tell us realisticly not just ''few hours''

offline somenerd Hero  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 15:00

It seems that the giveaway system is up and running again.
I got the first three Leaders just now.
I just started to level them up.

offline Splitfinger Veteran  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 15:12

Let's put it this way? You are getting bugged and a lot of emails comes in wouldn't you get pissed? Guys these people are working on it and as of today I got the correct cards. In summary please remember this words:

Patience is a virtue

Thanks guys.

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 15:38

I recieved my cards that i didnt get from bug

, but now i can not sell any of them? it says there already sold or cannot be found anyone else have this issue?

offline Hero Kuma Hero  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 16:14

I do not have an issue with recieving any leaders, or how long it takes to recieve them. My problem however, is that I cannot sell any of them. I have doubles of nearly all of them, and I cannot sell them publicly, privately, or to Kate. I have purchased credits before, so I should be able to sell. Does anyone know what the deal with that is?

offline Apostel Hero  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 17:45

Yes we know but it should work soon i hope (i need morphun grrrrr smiley )

offline Breech Loader Imperator  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 18:33

I too want to be able to sell the Leaders I have doubled. I badly need more Clintz for Collectors.

offline ON_Ragnarok Titan  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 20:14

Be pacient everyone... smiley If it weren´t for the admins the promotion never existed and you wouldn´t have all that spare leaders to sell smiley So calm down and wait I´m sure it wont take long until you can sale your leaders againsmiley
Keep up the good work smiley

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