offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 02/08/2007, 16:41

Based on your comments, a few modifications have been made to the rooms:

- Dark Corners East max level has been reduced so more players will be in the Dark Corners West
- Danger Zone Pro has been removed, Danger Zone has no more max level. (there is really not enough players interrested in playing without random).
- 2 rooms are totally and exclusively dedicated for ELO: ELO Battles & ELO Battles (non random). No max level. Only for ELO players.

Hope you like the changes.

offline T4rryT5ughman Titan Army of Darkness
Thursday 02/08/2007, 16:47

Applause, applause!!!!

offline Jaxe VS Titan Vicious Salvo
Thursday 02/08/2007, 17:54

Very nice fixes!

offline LoA DHUB3R Imperator  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 18:29

Very nice hope to play in the elo rooms soon

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 18:38

Love it thanks Fraggle. I think with this setup more players will play at Danger Zone

offline Montigue Hero  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 18:38

Kudos for working to make improvements! Joy! smiley
I do not really 'get' the EVO, nor have I played anyone. Granted, I do not know much about it---from what I've read, it is for levelling cards-- but I HAVE heard/read that there are those abusing such a game. Obviously, EVO rooms need to be added, to put those in a place where it matters, if they're not using the Lost Warehouses. It seems fair that if an EVO person utilizes unfair/inappropriate tactics, then that person should not whine/complain/cry-to-mommy when others begin disregarding the supposed 'honour' of EVO-- if one wants to be treated honourably, then ACT/PLAY honourably!
I'm hopeful everything will work-out well, and we'll have folks able to play, and enjoy, the game.
Monty, proponent of Enjoyment

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 19:14

Well outside Lost Warehouse I agree EVO players should not complain especially during tournament. But in the Lost Warehouse EVO players are being murdered by noobs. EVO players cards has not reach thier maximum potential and noobs take advantage of that. But I understand that EVO play is not official so it also mean there will be no room for EVO players. I wish that the new play style that Fraggle was talking about a few days ago will be helpful to EVO players.

offline Symbolic Hero  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 19:22

Yes yes! hale the all mighty Fraggle and the others! I am very pleased with this, thank you so very much!

offline K-Chaos Titan  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 22:45

I am not sure what to think about the flaming join button but...

HELL YEAH!!! A room for elo only! I LOVE it!! Though it makes harder to win but still its an improvement...smiley


offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Friday 03/08/2007, 00:57

when you are ELO, you can't be challanged by non ELO, right?
and you can set up the Interface to display only ELO, right?
so why do we need a room completely dedicated to ELO? if you could already have the list exclude non ELO mode players?
in response to the last question, i'm sure an answer will present itself in the coming months, if there are in fact new game formats in the making...

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