offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 16/08/2007, 16:25


In order to make the game a better place, we have created a new Deck format "Level Up":
- only 3 maxxed characters are allowed in your Deck

The Lostwarehouse level max limit has been removed and this new format enforced in that room.
The Lostwarehouse PRO has been removed as it was non useful anymore.

Before you ask, "why 3 and not 4 or 2 or 5 etc..". Well, we had to choose a limit, it's 3. We may change it in the futur, but we think if you have only a handful of characters to levelup, you can do it in the others rooms.

offline (-M-) Titan  
Friday 17/08/2007, 06:00

There is some weakness is that which is I always have 5 not fully evolved cards To be able to enter the training room. smiley
At least increase training bounce that you get from one battle and as they say before 5 level cards take forever IN TRAINING ROOM to fully evolved ,and you suggest the other rooms smiley

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Friday 17/08/2007, 06:32

I agree with Kamui...
If I buy packs (being a player without credits, it's hard to come buy) and get 3 new cards, It's gonna take a long time to level up and it will take up most of my time to play.

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Friday 17/08/2007, 08:07

I congratulate the admins for trying to work out this problem of people who want to win in the lost warehouses more then level cards. But in my honest opinion this is far from the answer. Leveling a card like charlie in other rooms then the lost warehouse will take ages. And if you want to do it in the lost warehouse you'll be forced to buy 4 extra unevolved cards, which most certainly will level out before your charlie, resulting in you having to buy 7 or 8 unevolved cards extra for leveling one card, unless you have a 3 days to play 5h a day then you'll max it in the other rooms I think.
Most of the problems in the lost warehouse come from people who don't know what playing EVO is because they've never read the message board (and there are lvl 30 imperators who never read the message board). Isn't it possible to make a user based flag system? if you violate EVO rulez while playing against a person who is expecting you to play EVO, this person can give you a mark. Get 3 marks in 3 battles and you get blacklisted?

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Friday 17/08/2007, 08:54

I agree, the limit should be the other way around. some poor pplz (like me) can only get 1 pack at a time so 3 cards to evolve and 5 maxxed. 3/8 (nearly half) chance of getting atleast 1 unevolved character is good enough. also, if i were to play in a different room, it will take twice as long because every1 is trying to win in those rooms...

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Friday 17/08/2007, 10:44

In the lost warehouose PRO I had no problem with people trying to win the game.........

i loved the PRO warehouse, please bring it back.......set the limit to level 20 like it was.....

offline Apollo SAW Titan  
Friday 17/08/2007, 11:20

I agree with DarkEagle.

Make a flag system, but make the battles more realistic. For instance, instead of just 3 battles, make it 6. Because, in a day you could play more than 6 games against the same player. If we have a flag system, we could warn the player that he would be flagged if he continue playing that way.

I like playing EVO, but don't do it very often, because of players that have not even one ounce of courtesy in them.

offline Symbolic Hero  
Friday 17/08/2007, 11:30

I think there should be no limit...I liked it the way before...I enjoyed going in there and playing a deck with like 3 cards I was leveling up and the rest level 5-2, that way when I let people beat my Level 5s with their level ones they would always say "Thanks!" or in some cases "Thanks alot!" But that is all gone now...and that makes me sad...

offline Lefler Master  
Friday 17/08/2007, 12:34

Do another lost warehouse with old rules, because this one is poor.

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 17/08/2007, 13:43

Splendid idea ! There go the noobs who want to get easy wins in lw smiley
And if you have like 2 cards short to evolve, just buy 2 coraille for 1k max and go crazy smiley

!! => But now I feel you can remove the 1Clint / 1xp rule wich had only little effect.
EVO Players want some xp too smiley

offline wL_StarZ Senior  
Friday 17/08/2007, 13:47

Yah... I Think It Not Nice...

Old Rules Are Nicer...

Please Bring It bACK I Hope

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