offline GRIM D16 Titan  
Thursday 15/07/2010, 16:22

Just played a match, the opponent went first and he had a least a 3-5 min. wait on the time bar, it was 3/4 of the screen long, we do the round, next round comes up, and my timer bar was 1/4 the size of my opponents bar, clicked on the guy I was gonna use, suddenly "times up", the time was less than 10 sec. to make my move.
This activity has been happening more and more. It always seems to be a fishy situation to start with, low lvl opponent with extremely good cards, and bam! instant time-out win for them.
If there is a logical explanation for this please someone fill me in on the details.

offline GRIM D16 Titan  
Thursday 15/07/2010, 19:15

Wow! no one know!

offline Fatecalling Veteran  
Monday 19/07/2010, 11:31

I've had it happen to me as well..but no clue why it happens

offline Genovious Hero War Party
Monday 19/07/2010, 14:44

They limited it to 5 people sometimes take too long to move..some take 2.30 mins then you would be left with 1.30 to choose..

as far as I know..its 3 mins per round and 5 mins avearage for fight and has the max limit of 7-8 mins..

offline GRIM D16 Titan  
Monday 19/07/2010, 15:50

So basically, you can take roughly all 3 minutes the first round, take pretty much all 3 minutes the second round and force your opponent to make their play in less than a (1) minute. Sounds like a cheap tactic for this game.
@Galidrea- any type of evidence or information on how the timed battles work for sure?

offline AllKnowingGod Senior Vicious Salvo
Tuesday 20/07/2010, 14:35

That doesnt sound right at all..isnt it like 1 min to chose...?? smiley

offline fabion96 Senior  
Wednesday 21/07/2010, 22:40

My timed out when the bar was half done

offline keldarr Titan  
Thursday 22/07/2010, 20:15

I hate to say this but i have seen it also but i was the winner i did nothing out of the ordinary bu the next round they time out it happened on the third round could this be a bug

offline MeetZackBlack Hero  
Saturday 24/07/2010, 16:25

Never happened to me. Although I did finish the round and only have a couple of seconds to play once, not sure if that's what you mean...smiley

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Saturday 24/07/2010, 19:20

I've seen it. Its one of the more annoying glitches in Deathmatch.

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