offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 11:18

(Translation of the news posted by admin Fraggle on the french forum)

The staff has been thinking a lot about new ways to refresh the ELO mode and they have decided to ban 2 cards from ELO: Lamar from the all stars (an almost 8/8 with a very unbalanced record of wins/losses) and Marco from the rescue (a 9/7 with +12 attack in monoclan decks, who also has a very unbalanced wins/losses record). Some other cards from other clans could be banned but the staff prefers to wait until the introduction of new cards of similar level but more balanced.

The staff is also going to rethink a little the algorithm that determines the top 3 clans by trying to take into account the way each clan is played (mono-clan, offensive, defensive etc.)

There is also another change about the distribution of rares in ELO. The 30 rares will be given to players with an ELO score superior to 1150 at the end of the tournament instead of 1000 as it is right now.

All the changes will be in place starting Monday the 7th January and a news will be placed on the home page of the site.

Have a nice week-end

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 11:29

Ciao Marco Ciao, sad to see you gone so soon.

The departure of the two powerhouse Lamar and Marco will hurt their respective clan but will sure open up new possibilities. Good move for the staff on banning them.

I think that your new way of distributing rare cards will gain the approval of players, too bad I don't usually play that far in ELO.

offline TNT_Shadow Titan TRiNiTY
Saturday 05/01/2008, 11:31

Omg i only ever get to 1120 never 1150

and why bann just marco if thats the case the clan might aswell be banned (not a suggestion just saying)

well i dnt usae rescue or all star so im not worried

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 05/01/2008, 11:53

And now lamar is banned, and I think his price will drop from today.. smiley

good job.. because I don't like people that only playing 5 times to get their ELO points more than 1000 then they get a chance to win a card.. (as you can see, even 1003 points ELO can win a rare card..)

offline CooKIESnCreaM Imperator  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 12:01

When will this be implemented? smiley

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Saturday 05/01/2008, 12:28

I think this will definitely change the meta game. smiley

FINALLY... maybe we'll see some variety.

offline Lewster48 Veteran  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 13:09

Why ban marco and lamar they are expensive so not many people get them to start with so there should not be too much of a problem...

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Saturday 05/01/2008, 13:24

What?lamar is banned?smiley then banned gaia..bodenpower..and some other cards that has more than 8 would not be fair then..i'm an avid all stars user are hurts upon hearing i can only put hammer..smiley

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Saturday 05/01/2008, 13:35

Could you banned zatman too? coz zatman are quite powerfull too..smiley

offline von Hohenheim Senior  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 13:45

I use rescue but i never use marco, prefering hugo as a 5* due to the +15 attack.

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