offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 16:41

Hello everyone,

You should see a great improvement, especially during tournaments times.

Good games !

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 17:53

Ya thanks i have seen it but i still have a problem

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 23:34

Well I just got on so lets see how it goes. Thanks for the speed boost then.smiley

offline GyulaHUN Novice  
Thursday 22/02/2007, 09:00

Yippi Ka Yee! Hopefully in the future i dont loose 21 point in tournament cause the rest 2 minit happening nothing,and my battle out of tournament time!smiley
Thanks anyways! GG!smiley

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