offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 02/08/2007, 16:41

Based on your comments, a few modifications have been made to the rooms:

- Dark Corners East max level has been reduced so more players will be in the Dark Corners West
- Danger Zone Pro has been removed, Danger Zone has no more max level. (there is really not enough players interrested in playing without random).
- 2 rooms are totally and exclusively dedicated for ELO: ELO Battles & ELO Battles (non random). No max level. Only for ELO players.

Hope you like the changes.

offline Baron WMD Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 03:23

I disagree with the room limitations placed on the Lost Warehouse and Lost Warehouse Pro. I am almost exclusively in the Lost Warehouse (now the pro version because Im a higher level) and I have noticed that high level players are usually leveling one card and they will go for the 2nd round KO more often than your random noob. Also, random noobs usually lack the cards to obtain a 1st or 2nd round KO. I really don't care about EVO or winning in the lost warehouse, I'm there only to level up my cards and that is done by playing fast, playing all 4 rounds and putting low stars v. high stars. If I am forced to go up against high level players who are thinking about how they are going to KO me most efficiently in the 2nd round, the games become slow, 2 rounds and usually poor card experience for the 1-3 cards I do get to play. Being a high level should not be a punishment. I understand that the room divisions were made to spread out players on the servers, but for the Lost Warehouse I should have a choice to go in the Pro room or the non-pro room. There should be a perk to playing alot. Please consider it.

offline bonmufc Titan Endless Team
Friday 03/08/2007, 04:57

Can u add more thing for challege, if excess battle limit cant not challege that person
becuase normally i cant remember who that i play with in 1 hour then if i play with him more than 3 time per hour
i cant notice or i have to check in history but it will be easier if u cant challege with person that excess battle limit in 1 hour

offline Malshun Imperator Army of Darkness
Sunday 05/08/2007, 16:31

What happened to the room with no random. it's frustrating when i put 5 pillz on a card with 8 power and lose to a card with 4 power and 4 stars and then the next round losing with a card with 5 pillz and 7 power to a card with 4 pillz and 5 power. it blew my mind.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 05/08/2007, 17:10

I think this organization is made so that it will seperate what are you playing-elo,normal game and evolving that no one will be confuse.Ah i love the fight club,though it needs like inside a "event",in an hour - most battles won will win a card,example of results(it will come out just like a daily tournament):
1.Tear - 6 battles out of 6 won - 100% winning percentage - won Clara
2.Baron - 4 out of 8 won - 50% winning percentage - won maciej
3.Jade - 3 out of 7 won - 43% winning percentage - won boris
4.Fraggle - 3 battles out 9 won - 33% winning percentage - won vassili
5.Abbalah - 2 battles out of 12 won - 17& winning percentage - won zatman

Oh well just an idea,how bout people can choose to play on daily tournament or on THIS ONEsmiley

offline Gazda Imperator Elite Balkan United
Sunday 05/08/2007, 21:00

Hey Fraggie if you wanna make this game more exciting why dont you put chat while playing, and what about those players who enter the battle and then let the time pass away? how do you think to make these players actually play and not sleep or whatever they do !??

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Monday 06/08/2007, 04:28

Yes, Chat durring battle would be very helpfull, though it would also make cheating easier smiley
but being able to discuss strategy would be a good idea for training new guild members, or for EVO play in the lost warehouse, so you can further optimize level difference (even though it's treated as if the lower star card wins, it doesn't matter if they block your 4 star with a 4 star, while they could have used a 1 star.)

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