offline pumpkin Guru  
Friday 24/08/2007, 15:39

Due to an error, Tessa and Swidz were put in a clan whose description doesn't correspond with that of the characters. As a result, the editor of the original comic, Soleil Productions, has asked that the cards be placed in another clan. From Thursday August 30, the two characters will leave Junkz and join Sentinel. This change will affect all existing Tessa and Swidz cards.

offline Angel-tai EVO Guru  
Sunday 26/08/2007, 23:26

I dont really mind the switch, but the junkz are gonna need replacements. And i dont mean some random cards that arent very good unless you have the right deck. I mean GOOD cards that even if you have a mediocre hand, can still be a pretty big hitter. In the 6 characters over two weeks thing the only two clans excluding leaders, that didnt get any new cards were the junkz and the fang pi clang. Just because they have two one hit ko things for the fang pi doesnt mean that they shouldnt get anything new. I mean a handful more of the fang pi or the junta with timber can give you a one hit.

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Monday 27/08/2007, 02:10

I love da transfer of Tessa'n Swidz !now i can use them and fight with them

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Monday 27/08/2007, 05:17

Junkz need an 8 damage card in their own clan, other than the holy DJ corr Cr, to set up a perfect combo with Keanew or Otakool... I hope they finally understand this; That Junkz has been missing synergy and a KO combo in Junkz is essential for there to be equality among the clans. smiley

offline Zhupons Imperator  
Monday 27/08/2007, 16:25

Angel-tai, the pussycats didn't receive any new card either and uluwatu didn't receive any NEW card neither since rass had only come back from his world trip...

but at least junkz, pussycats and fang pi clang didn't receive any...

and I hope pussycayts get a good 3 star card since the only good one they have is manon cr and even she is not very save since one stop opp ability and she's a gonner!

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Monday 27/08/2007, 18:00

Sacrohm need a good level 4 since grak got banned (i just noticed lol) they should have switched swidz and tessa to sacrohm cause they need a little help

offline Blu Sevens Hero  
Wednesday 29/08/2007, 08:30

By the way, I couldn't help noticing... Although transfer has taken place, Tessa's description (which meantions her joining Junkz) remained unchanged... Just a thought, maybe you could change/expand her description, mentioning her leaving Junkz and joining Sentinel instead?

offline 0 Gunvald 0 Titan  
Wednesday 29/08/2007, 11:04

Now that sentinel reach the third page in the market smiley

offline Diplo_ Colossus  
Wednesday 29/08/2007, 11:12

Transfer has taken place on wednesday 29th of august already, although news stated it would be due on thursday, the 30th?
And even more interesting, the 4 sexy retirees already retired today instead of friday?

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Wednesday 29/08/2007, 11:44

I saw tessa and the junkz and sentinel clan and with also the tag of Sentinel

offline Blu Sevens Hero  
Wednesday 29/08/2007, 13:14

@ Logomantos:

They decided to leave in a hurry before they get transfered to other clans that they don't feel like joining! smiley

(No offense meant, esteemed Administration!)

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