offline pumpkin Guru  
Friday 24/08/2007, 15:39

Due to an error, Tessa and Swidz were put in a clan whose description doesn't correspond with that of the characters. As a result, the editor of the original comic, Soleil Productions, has asked that the cards be placed in another clan. From Thursday August 30, the two characters will leave Junkz and join Sentinel. This change will affect all existing Tessa and Swidz cards.

offline lol 78 Novice  
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 11:27

Look at the upppers for example , they have three 8powered cards one of which has stop opp ability along with the best defensive bonus in the game, i know DJ Kor is 8/8 but unless u play ELO there hardly any chance of getting him , and perle for a 5* is horrible ,even a yookie would shut her down so admins,mods please try and give junkz at least some firepower that can be used for regualr play.

offline Angel-tai EVO Guru  
Friday 07/09/2007, 07:54

With all this talk about how the junkz need new cards, why don't we start a new thread about possible cards. you know, let the players have a little input on the next cards coming out or something like that. It will mean that the players actually have a voice other than complaining and complimenting or warning of a bug. There are probably some people with great ideas that cant be used because we dont have anything like this.

offline lol 78 Novice  
Friday 07/09/2007, 10:34

I agree there should be a thread for making new junkz cards

offline lol 78 Novice  
Friday 07/09/2007, 18:54

Now sentinel have 5 rare cards! smiley

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Friday 07/09/2007, 23:05

I think an 8/7 is good for Junkz and the Best Ability is Attack + 20 with that the Junkz have another Rare!

offline ElTuTo Master  
Saturday 08/09/2007, 04:54

Name: 3Neatee (you get it?, the whole ''Matrix'' thing Keanew does?)
Lvl 3 card
Lvl1: Power 2 Damage 1
Lvl2: Power 4 Damage 2
Lvl3: Power 6 Damage 4 +2 Power

That would be a nice adition, in my opinion =)

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Saturday 08/09/2007, 05:59

I mean 8/8 not 8/7

offline lol 78 Novice  
Saturday 08/09/2007, 10:54

Well let's hope tht junkz get more firepower so they can kill sentinalssmiley

offline Symbolic Hero  
Sunday 09/09/2007, 18:17

Junkz have an 8/8 already...DJ Korr Cr, they don't need an insanly powerful card, just one that will allow them to rank up there with the other clans.

offline AoEM_Rasiel Senior Army of Elite Mercenaries
Sunday 09/09/2007, 20:32

One? they need 2-3 and good ones...

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