offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 30/11/2007, 16:06

There are currently over one million people playing Urban Rivals! As a result, more and more of you are now taking part in the ELO and Daily Tournaments.
To increase the fun factor, we’ve decided to introduce some changes that we hope you’ll enjoy.

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Saturday 01/12/2007, 01:38

Great Idea, at least every week won't be so monotonous and hopefully add variety, GG's! smiley

offline Gunthor1 Master  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 02:17

I think the whole changes are fantastic. Here's why:

More tournaments help those people who's time zone is outside of 'good' playing times for tourneys! (like me smiley )
Harder to get credits for those who try and abuse the system - and yes I have done this before - It just means that if you play for the full 60 minutes you can almost always be guaranteed of getting in the top 1/3rd.
ELO - more cards - gee who doesnt want more cards
ELO - banned decks - I say bring it on! It means you may sometimes have to fight outside your comfort zone - what battle is all about!, IF we are worried about some decks being more dominant - like the new Rescue - then this form of tracking will mean that the mods can actually do something about adjusting the decks (through individual permanetly banned cards) that are in the right categories!

Oh also - I used to play 12 months ago and then recently returned - love all the changes in the last 3 months!

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 03:53

Aweseome changes admins. smiley

now where's the non-random tourney room? smiley

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 04:11

My clanmate O_CaULIFLOWER is just suggesting that maybe we can have a check on who wins cards during ELO. If a person wins a card this week he may not be eligible to win a card next week or for the month to give more people a chance to get a card.

offline soliuz Imperator  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 04:33

Im confuse about the elo thing so everyone with 1000 about elo points have a shot at getting a rare? or what

offline Ryzilla Veteran U.S. Playaz Organization
Saturday 01/12/2007, 06:54

What I dont get is why there is not rule in regards to the people who just play one match in the daily tourney to get there 50 clintz. These type of players dilute the jackpot and take away from other players recieving that 50 clintz. I am guilty myself of doing just that, but that is what made me wonder. I am guessing the bottom 25% of the players in each daily may do just that. If there are 5000 players that comes out to 62,500 wasted clintz. With those clintz you could pay more places, and I know how I hate playing and make it to right around the top 10% in a 5000 person tourney and get 50 clintz while the bottom 10% get 50 clintz as well.

It is much harder to make it into the top 10% in a 1500 person tourney then it is to get in the top 10% of a 5000 person tourney. If you make it in the top 10% of a 1500 person tourney you get a much larger % of clintz then if you make it in the top 10% of a 5000 person tourney.

offline GEC_Xmagnus Master  
Saturday 01/12/2007, 06:59

Good changes
1. more cards to win 4 everybody
2. no abusing
3. no Rescue for a whole week (they're just so annoying)
4. more chances of winning
5. more strategic

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Saturday 01/12/2007, 08:37

^ I think so. As long as you're above the 1000 ELO points mark, you have a chance. smiley

and the tournament every two hours?
BEST CHANGE EVER. w00t w00t.
Kudos to Urban Rivals!

offline T4rryT5ughman Titan Army of Darkness
Saturday 01/12/2007, 13:24

*Smiles* The ELO tournament ideas sound wonderful Raven but, how about an additional twist, As Tomato mentioned above, the banning of the most used clan or the 'winning' clan can lead to cycling. How about trying this, instead of banning the most popular or most used clan, why not RANDOMLY select which clan will be banned for each week. That way, the truly anal players can't just sit on which clan to use each week. Of course, you will want make sure it's one of the top 5 clans in ELO. Then, players will have to change their strategy each week therefore giving us lowly players a chance now and then. smiley

offline T4rryT5ughman Titan Army of Darkness
Saturday 01/12/2007, 13:45

smiley Well, nice ideas for the ELO torunament, but I have a suggestion. It pertains to the banning of the winning clan. Instead of banning the 'winning' clan, why not randomly select the clan from amongst the top 5 clans used?


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