Wednesday 24/01/2007, 22:02


As you may have noticed, we added a live tracker during tournament to inform you about:
- your current position, and average pts per battle during the tournament
- the player before you and the current Leader.

We hope that you'll enjoy this new feature!

Wednesday 24/01/2007, 23:07


Thursday 25/01/2007, 02:06

Much better!smiley

Thursday 25/01/2007, 02:40

I like it!

Thursday 25/01/2007, 03:35

Its a great feature, but i seem to have a problem trying to check the Current Tournament tab; just to see who are leading me instead of just the player before me, it always says there is a faulty network connection when i try to access it.

Thursday 25/01/2007, 07:24

We are aware of the bug you are talking about 0-JP, we'll fix it very soon.

Friday 26/01/2007, 02:58

Also please fix the Boddenpower Bug, its been here in the game FOREVER!!! i have like 3 screen shots, diff cards, but Boddenpower just pops up and destroys my game. Its nothing a quick reload will fix, but i don't see anyone reporting this problem so i guess its only me... smiley

Friday 26/01/2007, 08:09

What is this "Bodenpower" bug?
We are not aware of this bug. Did you report it to the support team? (contact us section, include screenshots).
We'll be more than happy to investigate but if you don't tell us... smiley

Saturday 27/01/2007, 10:57

Yup i like it smiley

Saturday 27/01/2007, 19:26

Ive seen the bodenpowerbud . when you play a card it says bodenpowder and freezes your game.i just open another window quickly so i can get back before i atomatically forfit


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