offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Friday 02/02/2007, 11:39

Two creatures from space are wreaking havoc in the streets of Clint City! Ingsthra and SkrumxxT, the brand new members of the Sakrohm, landed on earth only a few days ago, but they have already inflicted massive damage to the opposing clans. The Pussycats are the first to react to this invasion with two dangerously sexy recruits: Alice and Sakura.
These characters are available now in the New Blood, Danger and Action packs from the shop.

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Saturday 03/02/2007, 06:43

Alice / 5-2 / 2*/ no ability (Hope I'm correct),

PS: She's TEMPTING at LvL 2. I don' care if Chloe, Gabrielle or Ielena gets the Ms Clint city award, For me Alice is my Ms. Universe! (I wish she'd take me to her Wonderland smiley).

Gr8 artwork admins, give my regards to the artist.

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 03/02/2007, 12:50

smileycool cards

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Saturday 03/02/2007, 17:44

I'm a little disappointed with sakura I think her stats should be a little better then 2 power 6 damage 2 star 8 attack come on now what is this? she would get CRUSHED in elo mode she's not even good for reqular play. Who are you going to beat with this card? she should have her ability looked into further re-worked or something.

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Saturday 03/02/2007, 19:23

On the other hand SkrumxxT is freakin sweet much thanks for this card it rocks i just finished leveling him to level 5 he's 8/3 ability 5 damage which makes him 8/8 I just wish they had given Sakura some more power and they would of been the perfect couple!!!!

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Saturday 03/02/2007, 22:33

Looks like skrumxxt is the only usable card out of these 4 new ones

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Monday 05/02/2007, 07:42

Like every news cards set, you have "obvious" powerfull cards and not-so-obvious powerfull cards.
You also have cards that are for the collection part of the game.
Not every card can be powerfull smiley The balance is constantly shifting, so once again, adaptation is key to victory smiley

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