offline Fraggle Titan Open Casket
Friday 09/02/2007, 07:53


We have a growing (very fast) number of Brasilians playing Urban Rivals.
We are already working on a portugese version of the game but the second most requested feature is buying credits using SMS or Phone.
So I'm calling out to all brasilians: can you give us example of games websites that allow SMS/Phone payment in Brazil (if therre is any) ?
Our current provider (allopass) will be releasing many new south-americans countries (Argentina, Uruguay etc..) but still no Brazil... and we would love to give our players a simple way to get their credits.

Thank you for you help smiley

offline Obey Giant Titan  
Tuesday 13/02/2007, 11:29

Lol i was actually joking Fraggle hehehehe...but thanks ill search "up-standard" placessmiley

offline satsuna Master  
Wednesday 14/02/2007, 15:01

I thimk the admin should contact admin from other browser games like ogame or vendetta and ask them how to make payments from sms and cash

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