offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 16:14

I'm glad to announce the arrival of a new member in the moderation team.
Welcome to Daexen WMD as our new american moderator.

I remind you that it's not necessary to flood our mailboxes to ask how to become a moderator (or just ask StormWhisper. I know she loves answering that question all day long smiley ). A player has poor chances to become a moderator by asking.

Let's give Daexen a warm welcome !

offline Kripton258_PR Hero Persian Rivals
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 16:19

Good luck Daexen and WELCOME smiley

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 16:27

Anyway congrats(still no greek moderatorsmiley)

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 16:45

AGIAN NEW ONE? soon there will be more moderators than players! smiley

just kidding, CONGRATZ Daexie! smiley

offline 0LD_Dingo Titan  
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 17:31

Lol another one?! Congrats Daexen thoughsmiley

offline TDDP Imperator  
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 18:07

Holy!!!!! he is from my guild! aesome deaxen!

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 18:14

Another one?
I think this thread is about mermaid
congrats!! smiley

offline johnnysay Imperator HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 18:23

Yea i kinda figured there'd be new mods seein as how some of the older inactive mods were stripped of their mod position. congratz DAEXEN smiley

offline Fremmeno Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 18:23

Congrats smiley

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 18:33

HEY! Euzebe stole my thread *grumps* I get to welcome the new mods *kicks a rock*

By poor she means, we have never, ever accepted anyone who came to us and asked. The general rule is, if we want you to be a mod, we'll find you.

As we are working to buff up the English speaking mod team, expect 1-2 more mods to come out. We have candidates already, so there is no need to bug us about if you can be considered. Once we have filled the final slots we probably won't be adding any new mods for a while unless things start getting backed up again.

We're proud to have Daexen on board and are sure he's gonna be a great addition to the team. And since of course I recommended him and, as well all know, I'm perfect, clearly if he doesn't do a good job it was clearly Euzebe's fault.

But since I'm perfect and would never chose a bad mod, obviously, Daexen will do well. *giggles*


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*laughs maniacally and retreats into her cave*

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