Monday 12/06/2006, 13:52

We will very soon start a new type of Tournament on Urban Rivals. The ELO tournament will be open to every one playing ELO mode (level 20 and Elo deck, see the rules for more information) and will take place over a month.
Everyone will start at 1000 and earn/lose points according to the rules of the Elo mode. Players will receive cards at the end of the month, according to their rankings:
1st: 3 collector cards
2nd to 5th: 2 collector cards
6th to 10th : 1 collector card
11th to 25th : 1 rare

More information on this very soon.

Wednesday 14/06/2006, 04:25

This will be great! Will this tourney be the same as with the non-ELO one? I mean with the time zone and all.

Sunday 18/06/2006, 07:54

It will works differently:
As ELO is based on game skill (where the "classic" tournament is more
based on accumulation), the ELO tournament will span over the whole
month, with no regards to the time of play. Any ELO matchs will count.

Monday 19/06/2006, 04:20

Do I have to play aginst ELO players to gain points or I can have any opponent?

Sunday 25/06/2006, 09:37

Well wouldnt putting putting a cap on the number of elo matches you can fight get rid of the horrid accumulation system alltogether ? If it will be still about how many fights you fight you'll have point farming just like with the regular tournament.
A cap would make it a real tournament not this point race we have now where a casual player has no chance and skill isn't rewarded at all.

Monday 26/06/2006, 14:39

Gorukha: accumulation in ELO is much more difficult, you really need to be good if you wish to climb the ladder. (especially since you'll earn less and less by winning, and lose more and more by losing as long as you are climbing the ladder)
K_Jun: Totally, only match between 2 elo players count in ELO.

Monday 26/02/2007, 13:30

Gorukha accumulation in ELO is much more difficult

Monday 26/02/2007, 13:57

So lemme get this straight... this is a Month long ELO tournament with the accumilation of points over the month? smileysmiley

Monday 26/02/2007, 14:48

i mean, no offence but, you dont have the title of admin or moderator.

Monday 26/02/2007, 14:54

I get it, THIS IS AWESOME!!! sorry for the first comment, thought you were imitating the real DR. IDO smiley


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