offline pumpkin Guru  
Monday 04/06/2007, 09:03

After a very close vote Bridget's stats have been updated. At level 5 she has 6 power and 2 damage with +2 life per turn. Thanks to everyone who voted!

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Monday 04/06/2007, 09:35

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr i did so not vote for that's anyways

offline 0-RACSO-BZ Titan BrainZtorm
Monday 04/06/2007, 09:46

Unbeatable in the elo i should say. wow!

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Monday 04/06/2007, 10:01

From underpowered to overpowered.. wow this sucks BIG time

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 04/06/2007, 10:02

Need to ban her asap.

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Monday 04/06/2007, 10:16

Just played my first elo match with bridget:
My hand was graxmxxt - bridget - sheitane - kenny.
I don't have to mention how hard I won ? 9-17 with even some bad play of me. smiley major WTF

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Monday 04/06/2007, 10:47

So i won a match with bad play from me when i had her, and i lost 3 good matches when opp had bridget.
BAN BAN BAN NOW NOW NOW ! It is actually a 12-20 match you play.

offline AoEM_Rasiel Senior Army of Elite Mercenaries
Monday 04/06/2007, 12:24

Lol beat bridget by ko in elo 2nd turn ko smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Monday 04/06/2007, 12:44

Well i guess poison will now counter bridgetsmiley

offline electricity Master  
Monday 04/06/2007, 13:51

Waks +2, i think everybody want to use bridget right now lol

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