Friday 07/12/2007, 11:09

Candy Jack’s sweets are going down a storm with the city’s children and just like Timmy, those who have fallen under the spell of this demonic candy are queuing up to join the Nightmare clan. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Freaks are wheeling out two new fascinating performers, Esmeralda and Erpeto, while the Uppers welcome the famous reality TV producer, Colin, into their ranks.
All these characters are available from the Shop’s New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude Packs.

Friday 07/12/2007, 11:14

Yeah!! Timmy is in the new comics!!! rock on!!smileysmiley

Friday 07/12/2007, 11:52

Someone post the stats/abilities at max level ASAP please. They're interesting.

Friday 07/12/2007, 12:32

Can someone can write here ability that cards?

Friday 07/12/2007, 12:36

Timmy is better than Candy Jack..huh

Friday 07/12/2007, 12:37

Ok, got everything up. Check

Friday 07/12/2007, 13:16

Thanks memento mori , i just looked at them , they seem pretty useful for elo

Friday 07/12/2007, 14:33

Thanks memento, i think esmerelda is the only one i'll use, maybe Timmy too

Friday 07/12/2007, 14:41

Colin 3/3 courage power+3
erepto 6/7 courage power +3
Esmeralda 6/2 attack +10
Timmy 7/2 poisen 2 min 4

Friday 07/12/2007, 17:29

Colin sucks. Janine and the other previous Uppers too. it seems like the admins think the clan is ready and anything strong will unbalance things. then why not releasing some cool Bangers or Montana or Sentinel?


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