offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 29/02/2008, 16:32

You can now use special code to auto-link to stuff in the various places on the site where you can input text (forums, biographies, comments etc..).

To link to a player, use "playersmileyLAYER_ID", for example here is a link to raven (his player id is: 111882): ravvel

To link to a guild, use "guild:GUILD_ID", for example here is a link to the fairplay guild (guild id is: 1420): Fairplay

Finally, to link to a preset, use "presetsmileyRESET_ID", for example, here is a link to "the way of music" (preset id is: 6): deleted

Characters names and Clans names are still linked automatically as usual.

Enjoy your week end!

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Friday 29/02/2008, 16:34

Hmm so what we do is type deleted and it will make it or do we add parentheses?

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Friday 29/02/2008, 16:36

Great addition!

offline TNT_Shadow Titan TRiNiTY
Friday 29/02/2008, 17:12

I dnt get it at all
what is it we can do?
i dnt understand it

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 29/02/2008, 17:34


offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Friday 29/02/2008, 17:35

This is just a try at this new linking: Shinigami Society:161221 now i wonder if it worked??? I'll have to wait and see i guess

anyway, great new addition. very convenient if im right on how it works lol

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Friday 29/02/2008, 17:52

Compare to other forums I think the UR forums don't use BB Codes or HTML tags to add links to something. So with this addition for example we can easily now point out to people asking for a deck a preset that match what he asked for. UR Staff have been working hard lately with all of these additions wonder if they are planning something big. Keep it up and thanks for your hard work.

offline Damgark Titan UpperClass
Friday 29/02/2008, 17:58

What if the player chaged its nickname? what will happen?

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Friday 29/02/2008, 18:03

It's fairly simple.
I like it.
so... guild: followed by the Number of the guild, located as the last numbers following the = in the URL for your guild.
or player:
or preset:
or does it need the Quotation marks, or Parenthesis?

this will make Recruitment much easier for those guilds recruiting on the forums smiley
do these links work in Chat? or just on forums?(silly question, i know, but it'd be cool if they worked from chat too)

offline FalSeGods Imperator  
Friday 29/02/2008, 18:03

I dont understand either

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