offline Fraggle Titan  
Friday 19/01/2007, 17:56


Tonight we will be introducing a new version of the server, a new version of the flash client and a new handling of timeout and forfeits.
The new server is optimized to allow more players simultaneously.

offline Fraggle Titan  
Friday 19/01/2007, 18:02

Details about the new handling of timeout and forfeits:

Theses rules apply only in ranked rooms (not in the lost warehouse, neither in your guild's rooms).
From now on, a timeout or a forfeit from your opponent will be regarded as a victory for you.
In addition to that, your opponent will receive penalties:
Forfeit: -10 battles points and -8 ELO value (if playing ELO).
Timeout: -20 battles points and -16 ELO value (if playing ELO).

Details about the new flash version:

You are now able to see any (yours or your opponent's) cards in "big" anytime.
You will be able to get a detailed help about the ability or bonuses from any card by moving your mouse over the "big card".
Many small bugs have been fixed.

We hope that you'll enjoy theses new features, and hopefully we haven't left any bugs in it thanks to our long testing. smiley

offline Fraggle Titan  
Friday 19/01/2007, 20:24

The changes are now online.

offline Atryx_ Legend  
Friday 19/01/2007, 21:00

Would be nice if we could also disable the detailed help !? smiley

offline The Unkown Imperator  
Friday 19/01/2007, 21:30


offline CrimsonWaltz Guru Anarchist
Saturday 20/01/2007, 02:05

Very cool

offline Jericho78 Titan Malaysian PRIDE squad
Saturday 20/01/2007, 03:48

Great news and changes! Hmm just curious, how long does it take to consider a timeout?

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Saturday 20/01/2007, 08:09

I think like 4 minutes.

offline Egak Guru Army of Darkness
Saturday 20/01/2007, 09:16

Looks like the "shutout loss" and "normal loss" clint payoffs got switched somehow in the update.

offline StormWhisper Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 20/01/2007, 10:35

Well actually there is this irritating new thing where when the opponent picks his character card and it goes to the larger view as normal, it now stays there a while, or until you click it. It's not so much a horrendous bug as it is annoying.


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