Gail Ld makes her return to Clint TV with a new and even more ground-breaking concept for a show. Every week, she’ll invite two clan members and get them to debate subjects as broad-ranging as the economy, show-business and ice-cream flavors. Then at the end, as no one will have understood anything anyway, there’ll be a fight to decide just who was right and who was wrong. Clint TV, the television of tomorrow...for you today!Gail Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before November 13th.

offline TacticalChi Imperator  
Friday 14/10/2011, 13:42

Can someone let us know when it starts counting the round wins for the first mission please

offline Patejl Guru  
Friday 14/10/2011, 13:45

Cant unlock too

offline Patejl Guru  
Friday 14/10/2011, 13:46

How to unlock the first one?

offline Herm_Blackfire Titan  
Friday 14/10/2011, 13:52

Locked for me too smiley

offline erwink Titan Gamerz Sanctuary
Friday 14/10/2011, 13:56

Mine is also locked? any idea why?

offline Rift120 Legend  
Friday 14/10/2011, 14:01

I might have a answer.. looks like 'intellectual debate' mission is still active.. could that be supllanting the current missions?

offline LiuTian Senior  
Friday 14/10/2011, 14:05

Another LD agn.
Travis LD coming soon too.

offline alakama Colossus  
Friday 14/10/2011, 14:11

Unlock 1st mission, please.

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Friday 14/10/2011, 14:14

Same here... first mission does not actually start at all.

offline Kryoza Titan  
Friday 14/10/2011, 14:19

Still locked on my side too

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