offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Thursday 01/03/2012, 10:14

A bit more than three weeks ago we presented our Standard format project. After having read your comments we changed the way to implement it. No need to go back over the previous version of this project (you can read the 700 and more comments if you wish), I'm going to talk about the final version.

The goal is still the same : offer a scalable and restrictive format.
Today, we have to many playable characters in each clan. New players are lost with all these options while paradoxically, old players own the best characters but always play with the same ones. With the Standard format, we want to offer to the new and old players a more restrictive environment if they wish, with less options in each clan but more often renewed.

What will we do?
1/ Create a list of characters called "Standard" which will be reset half-yearly. In this list you'll find all characters (and LD too) released within the three last years before the update, Leaders, starter deck characters and characters released after the update. You'll find 13 to 16 characters in each clan. New clan will keep all their characters.

2/ We will create a new deck format:
Standard format: Standard characters only, 40 stars max., no double.

3/ T1 and T2 will be renamed in Extended and Extended 25.
Extended format: all characters are allowed, 40 stars max. no double, equivalent to the current T2.
Extended 25 format: Extended characters, 25 stars max., no double, equivalent to the current T1.

4/ Several changes will be made on the DT.
- The timer will be significantly reduced for all DT matches. From the first match you'll have the same timer as the one you have now above 100 points.
- We will create a list of penalized characters in DT which will be independent from the list of ELO banned characters. The rule will probably remain the same: -2 points for each penalized character un your 4 characters team. We might change the penalty in the future if necessary.
- T1 and T2 room will be merged in one single room Extended Fights. To allow you to play with 15 to 40 stars decks, the battle system will make you face opponents with similar decks. The DTs will always be in this room.
- There will always be a DT every other our but alternately with the two rooms, Extended and Standard. it means there will be a DT one hour out of 4 in the Extended room and the same in the Standard room.
- We will randomly give a collector to players ranked in the top 150 in DTs. We didn't decide the exact number of collectors yet nor the rules of the draw but we're thinking about 5 collectors a day.

I insist on the fact that with the system of matches against similar decks (which already exists on T1 and T2 rooms) you'll be able to build competitive decks with a small number of stars as you'll always face similar decks. Le big difference is that 25 stars decks will face slightly bigger decks and 26 stars decks will face slightly smaller ones. It doesn't happen now because of the rooms limits which don't match with the way DT decks are built.

5/ We will create two new battle rooms.
- Deathmatch Standard: just like the current DM T2 but with Standard decks.
- Survivor Standard: just like the current Survivor T2 but with Standard decks.

6/ We will also make some minor changes as:
- new packs in the shop with Standard characters only.
- sorting options in the collection to only see Standard characters.
- changes in the theme decks (we are still thinking about it).
- minor changes in the visuals of cards to make Standard characters easier to recognize.

You may notice that ELO won't change at all, the same for DM or Survivor rooms. Of course the Fight Club and the Warehouse won't change either.
About the deadline, with all these changes we cannot be sure it will be released on March. We are working on this project and we want to release it quickly but I can't give a date but it should be implemented before this summer.

You can post comments or send emails here:

Thank you and have fun!

offline golswnboy866 Imperator Open Casket
Friday 02/03/2012, 00:30

Older players have better cards than the new players? Isn't that a suprise. Games are made so that people who have invested more time into a game are better than new people. In my opinion there should be no change to the game. Instead of help the market you will cripple it. Instead of all the old players buying from a large amount of cards we can just focus on a select few that we will all buy. Then it will force all the new players to buy credits because they can't afford to buy any of the cards that we will block all the other players from getting. Heed my warning. This is not a war Ur wants to start.

offline WMD Abaddon Legend  
Friday 02/03/2012, 00:52

Just thinking aloud here but you probably should have started standard deathmatches first and maybe even make them available now they don't affect much else and can get more people atleast excited about standard... oh you still have to update all the cards to do that.... nevermind

offline ELvyc Novice  
Friday 02/03/2012, 01:41

T1 players will only feel this change in dt's one hour out of four. smiley

offline DivaDestiny Titan The Infinite Shoeblack
Friday 02/03/2012, 02:20

Thank you!!

This looks like a great step forward for the game. UR has proven why they are on top once again.

I already see a surge in player enthusiasm and I suspect there will be more to come when the plan gets implemented. It will probably be a lot of work to add the new format, rooms and mechanics but know that it will be greatly appreciated by both current and future players!

offline DivaDestiny Titan The Infinite Shoeblack
Friday 02/03/2012, 02:21

In case you didn't get my message- Thank you!!!

offline Iaidoka_HoA Guru Harbingers of Ares
Friday 02/03/2012, 03:17

Good job UR staff! the new DT is amazing! smiley

offline TrainWreck94 Imperator Angels of Pain
Friday 02/03/2012, 03:44

I like this system a L O T better

offline SikeX21 Veteran Skunk Works
Friday 02/03/2012, 06:08

@golswnboy seriously? You want the game to just remain stagnant forever? Urban Rivals, like all games, need to change the formula on occasion to keep things interesting and address issues that arise. These changes, especially in comparison with their earlier model, are a way to keep things dynamic, and allow for modes that address the issues the staff set out to solve. No one's making anyone play the new modes in this model, and the fact that their are alternative profitable modes and that the gap has been increased to 3 years mean there will be little to no market rush over the new cards. Not all change is for the better, but the changes expressed here most certainly are, and we shouldn't be afraid of improvement simply because we feel content the way things are.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Friday 02/03/2012, 06:56

Doom and gloom
fire and brimstone
it is raining frogs
hide your first born sons
the end is neigh

and just like that the world as we know it didnt actually end smiley

cant wait. i havent played much in 2 months, this development should change that a bit smiley

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 02/03/2012, 07:48

To be fair, I think the "doom and gloom" responses were to the original proposal, which in that form would have probably brought doom and gloom... This version seems much more reasonable. I think this will introduce some diversity to the game without damaging the parts of it which were already very enjoyable.

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