offline Boing Legend  
Thursday 28/06/2012, 16:13

A new updated version of calculating Battle Points is now available. We have also modified the matchmaking (QuickBattle) system to provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience and more evenly balanced contests. All the information concerning these changes can be found in our FAQs.

offline BV Dead End Legend Bethoven Virus
Friday 29/06/2012, 03:20

Lmao!!!!!!!! slyde 5 penalty points??? really??? and this is while rowdy and hawk only have 2 penalty points. Am I the only one who finds some lack of logic here?

offline yummy12345 Veteran XiongDang
Friday 29/06/2012, 03:25

I just used GraksmxxT in a fight, appears to me i got 4 points penalty

offline yummy12345 Veteran XiongDang
Friday 29/06/2012, 03:45

If possible, can someone/staff explain how the penalty works?
it appears that in the heading, it says 4 points penalty, but then below it, there's 3 groups of different points
i am confused, can someone help please?

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Friday 29/06/2012, 04:08

Welcome back Uppers smiley

offline Pijanac Colossus ExtraordinarY KillerS
Friday 29/06/2012, 05:26

The QuickBattle is so great. Took me only 8 error messages to find an opponent to fight in a daily tournament where 2492 players participated. Such a great change, NOT.

offline waTHOR Master  
Friday 29/06/2012, 05:33

Much better.

offline Last_Ride Senior  
Friday 29/06/2012, 05:53

This system is good but the list of penalty cards is worse. Even if you won, if you have group A cards, it seems like you also lose ,for a low total BP. These cards in these group will be just for collection and not for battle. And as i can see, players will be in ELO mode deck or 0-23* to have a good total BP, then lets just make it ELO TOURNAMENT.. I suggest to make the system more groupings and make use of those hell of a card.

offline AaronBraham Titan lonely fighters
Friday 29/06/2012, 06:57

Okay no penalty cards on my deck. Cool! smiley

wins : 13 points
loses : 13 points. im strugglin right now smiley

whats up with the new rules ?

offline ElitePow Imperator New VisioN
Friday 29/06/2012, 07:08

@47 There are plenty of modes that can utilize DT penalty cards just fine - Survivor, Deathmatch, and if they are not ELO banned - you can use them there.

offline Bronn1 Titan Faceplant Chicks
Friday 29/06/2012, 08:42

In the current tournament I'm in, I've had to retry to find an opponent between almost every game, with the worst being 8 times. Considering that I was doing pretty well in the tournament until I had to continually wait, that's pretty annoying. Hopefully, this "glitch" is fixed in a hurry.

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