offline Boing Legend  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 18:11

With the recent release of Andy Ld from the Skeelz, all the clans now have their own legendary character and as a result, we are going to slightly modify the rate of return of the old Ld characters. From now on, there will be an Ld return every fortnight and missions will be available for two months, so that very quickly there will be 4 to 5 LDs permanently available. Moreover, players finishing a series of LD missions who already own the corresponding LD characters will continue to receive 10 credits. 

offline H-MP Veteran Merchants
Friday 20/07/2012, 04:09

Lol. Make that card like a shiny shimmering color

offline immarooksmu Imperator  
Friday 20/07/2012, 07:17

There is NO Kate card make her the LD of the Leaders

offline arm_yume Titan The Trend
Friday 20/07/2012, 07:41

I have leader ld mission ideas also that I submitted with my card idea.
Mission one win 40 battles with a leader
Mission two win 30 battles using two leaders
Mission three win 20 battles using three leaders
Mission four win 10 battles using four leaders...i didn't say it would be easy.
Also for the pwr/bns split 1/4 1/6 1/8 1/10 1/12...

offline S0geKing Guru Black Sea Piranas
Friday 20/07/2012, 13:48

What about leader that hides the stats, name and artwork of one of your cards?
and it definetely should be based on something awesome.
Random examples: Yoda, Lisbeth Salander, Goku or Batman or some historical figure like Ramzess, Da Vinci

How to receive 10 credits

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 20/07/2012, 16:35

@Land of Smile
Complete a set of LD missions for an Ld you already own.

offline littleloo RDN Guru Sinneria
Saturday 21/07/2012, 18:06


Lianah Ld & Tiwi Ld are so easy to get and i have them both so every time they come out that's 10 credits each!!!! woot woot!!

offline littleloo RDN Guru Sinneria
Saturday 21/07/2012, 18:15

Anyone else noticed that there are no 5* Ld's....

so, they should make 1*, 5* and 6* Ld's/ Leaders

offline littleloo RDN Guru Sinneria
Saturday 21/07/2012, 18:18

@ Coincide

i also think a legendary Leader would be stupid, because Leaders practically are Legendary (apart from the fact that you can buy them)

offline LF-Shivanshu Titan lonely fighters
Tuesday 24/07/2012, 06:24

Is there any progress indicator for the re-run LD missions ? Anyone completed them yet, got 10 creadits ?

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