offline Boing Legend  
Friday 24/08/2012, 11:22

The girls of Clint City are exceptional but some of them are a lot sweeter than others. Take Fanny, the Ulu Watu ice-creamer seller: she’s always there to bring you pleasure and ensure you have what you need to stay cool in the midday sun. Ellie is more of a day-dreaming nature lover and wouldn't hurt a fly. But beware of La Junta nurse, Milena. She's the type of girl who can emerge as sole survivor of a zombie infestation with just the help of some everyday knives. As for Tsuka, you’d be better off steering clear of her village unless you absolutely have to, or you might end up as an icicle…
Get these characters in the shop's packs 5 new missions have been added.
Click here to see the list of Newblood missions.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 28/08/2012, 16:43

I'm gonna backtrack a bit to the Elektrozoa part.
A) It's not a zombie outbreak but rather something like a nuclear reactor blowing up and causing mutations in people, some of them just possessing zombiesque traits like desire to bite people or weird skin tones.
B) It's the work of another character who can make zombies who escaped my memory the first time; Dwain Cr. And the said zombies are in reality cards that have gone Cr in the past or their relatives as they live in the peaceful retrement home of Elektrozoa.

offline Crypto140 Senior  
Tuesday 28/08/2012, 16:57

Religious fanatics!

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Tuesday 28/08/2012, 17:38

maybe off topic but Milena start it
can i know what the bonus of the clan is?
If u say our world
the bonus will be
backlash: -2 pill

offline 1san Imperator Black Sea Piranas
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 01:24

Clan Name: Archwing
Info: Clan full of angles, unicorns, holy creatures, and parody's greek gods.
Symbol: A cross with wings
Clan Bonus: Heal 2 max 10
Clan Leader: Zoose (Parody of the Greek God Zeus) 8/6 Ability = Poison 2 min 0.

offline Openball Guru HKG
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 04:15

@Princekhilil, I haven't thought of any bonus for the clan (although a Poor clan really excites me). I want something fresh and creative so I am not going to repeat any ability and bonus we have so far. I have two brand new ability/bonus in my mind. One is "+Attack = 2*pill used, max 16". It means that when you apply 2 pills in a round, you will have +4 attack; on the other hand, you will have +16 attack if you apply 8 pills but it is the cap of the bonus. The mathematics can be tweaked a bit but I think this is a new idea of how attack is determined by the number of pills used.
The second bonus I can think of is "Next", for example, "Next: Power +3", or "Next: Opp. power -3, min 4" etc. It means that when you win one round, the next round you can enjoy the bonus it brought to you. This makes some new combo to the game and it can be very powerful together with the confidence, but can be interesting. What it needs is how to strike a good balance. Just some casual thoughts.

offline 0_NastyNacho Guru TrAitorzZz
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 16:14

You know, that ability is exactly the same as + power? The only difference is that it has a max.
And I don't get the difference between Next and Confidence. Can you explain that a bit more?

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 16:40

Confidence mean you won the last round so you get extra this round.
Next means you won this round, you get extra the next round.

offline DUC-pwnage Titan Dutch Urban Crew
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 17:42


That's exactly the same reasoning. unless you mean that Next stacks with confidence? Than it's ability is just 2 x confidence

offline Crypto140 Senior  
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 18:11

I just thought up a new ability: Vengeance. It's when you lose the previous round and then you get the ability this round. Lol, JK.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 18:15

Confidence: "I won the last time, now I can hit you in the head with a sledgehammer."
Next: "I won now, next turn I can hit you in the head with a sledgehammer."
That is not exactly the same. First case I can hit you now, second case I have to wait until next round before I can hit you.

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