offline Project Soul Guru  
Saturday 29/09/2012, 10:30

I think UR needs more and better stop cards other than karen and glosh,

They need abilities to assist with their clan bonus to be usuable, like how glosh gets +3power

Freaks would probably need 7/1 (2 Star) Stop: +3 Life
^ because freaks uses poison 1 damage is enough and 7 solid power, 3 life to help with poisoning.

Bangers would need 7/4 (3 Star) Stop: Stop Opp Bonus
^ Since Chlora is too big for elo and saddy just stinks, stop makes the SOB situational to use but useless against GHEIST and Roots so its fair and not overpowered

What do you guys think?

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 29/09/2012, 13:13

I personally find stop cards to be a bit too unrelyable unless you come across Roots or GHEIST so I prefer using non-stop cards.

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 29/09/2012, 14:19

A 7 4 Bangers is a bit like Loocio smiley . Maybe a 2* Bangers with what you said but different stats. Freaks already have lots of usable 2 + 3* it's very hard to get another one! But yeah it would counter Soa for the better. (Mini Ashiko)

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 29/09/2012, 15:28

Normally I don't try and cards myself, but something like
3* Ulu Watu with 7/3 and ability of +2 damage, Stop: -1 opp power, min 1? So against non-soa 9/5, and against soa 9/3 -1 opp pow, min 1.

offline Prof Necros Veteran Evil Incorporated
Saturday 29/09/2012, 16:12

I notice whenever a 'stop' card is released there is an air of disappointment that people have about it. In my opinion the better way of making cards to combat SOA is the 'backlash' ability or printing more cards with good base stats and minor but effective abilities, such as Jiro or Heitachi , so that the clan in general is better against SOA.

offline MobiusWyrm Titan Iron Lords
Saturday 29/09/2012, 19:24

I agree with UM_AaaBattery. The Stop Cards are too unreliable, unless you know you will be seeing a lot of SoA, they really aren't worth putting in your deck. If you look at where the current Stop: (X) ability cards are, you will probably find better cards in that range that are better suited for all around play, rather than a situational card.

Take Kyle as an example, he is a 7/2 Sentinel, with Stop: Damage +3, so unless I manage to find him in my hand against an opponent with a hand heavy in SoA, he might as well be an Aurelia. I can find better 2* cards to put in my deck like Lehanne, Morgan, Rick, or Tobbie. If I wanted to splash another clan in for that 2* slot, I could get Spiaghi, Lucy, Hawkins, or any other cord with 7 power, that wouldn't make me regret seeing it in the field unless I draw up against a G.H.E.I.S.T. or Roots deck.

offline Saintrl Master  
Saturday 29/09/2012, 20:21

I use Tyd against SoA so I've never had any experience with using Stop cards. From what I've heard though they're extremely unreliable due to their situational abilities. Personally I'd only use a stop if that card already had solid stats or a solid clan bonus and doesn't need its ability to win.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Saturday 29/09/2012, 20:34

I actually think SOA has been nerfed just about enough at this point...

SOA clans now face Stop cards, skeelz, power clans, and 8 powered cards that dont rely on their abilities that much

the current game is loaded with nasty abilities.... carrying a couple of SOA is always a good idea.. but if decks become loaded with nasty abilities supported by a handful of nasty stop cards, then opening rounds will become even more of a guessing game

offline Project Soul Guru  
Sunday 30/09/2012, 05:32

Ever since skeelz were release there has been a decline in stop cards, not every clan has a stop card yet though, i just feel in the mood to use them, and yes stop cards should have good base stats like Tyd/Noodile or similar 7/4 or 8/4 is solid for 3 star, 7/1, 6/4 or 7/2 for 2 star, for 4 stars if they are 6/6 they need +3 power or something, 7/5 can have any other ability, i think 5 star stop cards would be bad unless it has seriously insane stats like 8/7 or 7/8

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Sunday 30/09/2012, 06:55

8/4 with stop and the clan bonus is OP... consider Tyd and Noodile are considered solid/staple 3 stars for their clan

stop cards need to be what they are currently.... scary as hell vs SOA cards (i.e. Glosh) but a underdogs vs normal cards.

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