offline Boing Legend  
Friday 05/10/2012, 11:45

While the youth of Clint City are dancing the Lil Jey Style in a ghetto night-club, a group of Bangers find themselves the dumbfounded spectators of a very strange brawl; Cheep the hard guy is trying to sheer Thorpah, Prince of the Yetis, to teach him some respect. And the fight would have gone on if it hadn’t been for Thorpah hitting the Sakrohm temple with his Olmnir hammer, so by setting off all Lilou’s alarm systems and causing widespread panic.
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offline chenkz Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Friday 05/10/2012, 11:48

Wow that thorpah is the real deal.. just what frozn need smiley

offline number01death Senior  
Friday 05/10/2012, 11:52

I am the first comment

offline nanbe da Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Friday 05/10/2012, 11:57

1st smiley

offline Sykies Guru Open Casket
Friday 05/10/2012, 12:00

Cheep - A 8/4 not vulnerable to SOA is really good. It becomes a DR when hit by SOA and take the damage of cards like Methane down. Nice card but I can't see a good future for it with cards like Radek, Scopica, Nyema, Jalil in it's way except in the weeks with a lot of GHEIST/Roots.
Thorpah - Nice card. REALLY nice card. It doesn't need the bonus to be fantastic but it is completely awesome with it. Virtually a 10/7 with PR of -2 min.1 is pretty powerhouse. Frozn are really amazing in 5* now. You can choose between Kalindra (8/8-10/12) or Thorpah (8-5 w/ PR - 10/7 w/ PR). They are excellent cards and only the player will decide which is the best to use in ELO.
Lilou - The possibility of become a 7/8 with -8 attack is just powerful for a 2* but I can't predict if it will see the game or not with cards like Aleister and Nimestiec.
Lil Jey - Nice card. A potential 9/3 for 2* is really good.

Best card of the release - Thorpah.

offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 05/10/2012, 12:00

Blocking damage with a Stop card, that mission will be fun lol. Thorpah looks beastly and may battle Kalindra for the 5 star spot.

To check out their abilities and final arts, check out A Sheep and Yeti Go Head to Head

offline GWN-Hotsauce Imperator Great White North
Friday 05/10/2012, 12:02

Jungo really needed another Stop card? Fml. Could have dropped his power by one and made him a -2 dmg min 1. Perfectly viable.

offline Awesoe Colossus aussie crusaders
Friday 05/10/2012, 12:07


offline Crypto140 Senior  
Friday 05/10/2012, 12:11

I love it when people say first but they're not. Anyway, Thorpah is very good but I'll stick with Dahlia. Thorpah is good without the bonus and he is great with the bonus, but you're probably not going to use the bonus on this card. It's already strong enough. But if you do, 10/7 -2 opp. pillz is probably the strongest card in the game so far.

offline DragoRoyal Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 05/10/2012, 12:13

Thanks for the release of Thorpah, I'm sure majority of UR is looking forward to facing more Frozn in Elo! smiley

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