offline RIPAphroditex Senior  
Friday 09/11/2012, 22:03

Evil Will RISE!!
I will let the numbers be random choose on!

I keep every Screen in my PC, So when u are thinking that some one didn't win fair.
You could ask me the screen.
When the end date Reach i will destroy the picture's.

Good LUCK!smiley

How can i join?
Whit this link:Lucius Lottery, U need only to click in the Join Lucius Lottery. It's free to join.

Can i give donations?
No you can't, Because i don't like donations :$.

When will be the draw?
End date: Friday 28/12/12

Why did you call it Lucius?
Because that's one of my favourite Horror/Funny Game.

offline RIPAphroditex Senior  
Saturday 10/11/2012, 15:16

Added Much more cardssmiley
21. Cutey Full XP
22. Cutey Full XP
23. Cutey Full XP
24. Cutey Full XP
25. Cutey Full XP
26. Artus 0 XP
27. Artus 0 XP
28. Artus 0 XP
29. Artus 0 XP
30. Artus Full XP
31. Lelena 0 XP
32. Lelena 0 XP
33. Lelena Full XP
34. Lelena Full XP
35. Lelena Full XP
36. Magenta Full XP
37. Magenta Full XP
38. Magenta Full XP
39. Magenta Full XP
40. Kolos Full XP

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