offline hatenak Master  
Monday 26/11/2012, 11:40

After a fierce contest in which the damage could be assessed in the dozens of eyes scratched out and the hundreds of nails broken, a Miss Clint City 2012 stood out from her fellow competitors: congratulation to Miss Lizbeth who emerged triumphant against A, B and C! And thank you to everyone who took part in this event by voting for this fabulous character from the Piranas!

Get Miss Lizbeth in the shop’s packs as of now.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 26/11/2012, 11:55

If you want to buy packs to get her waite a bit as im not sure shes ingame yet.

(Her character page should appear when shes available).

offline spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Monday 26/11/2012, 11:57

Heh - it looks like "PR launched before final check" smiley

--- "triumphant against A, B and C!" - should not be there names of cards ? smiley
--- now it is 11:56 - 16 mins after the message was published. And Miss Lizbeth is still not on the market nor in packs ...

offline B Bazooka Senior  
Monday 26/11/2012, 12:00

I didnt thought she would win
everyone wanted fanny and kalindra
pranas got it
the nes who look awful

offline NvMi Senior  
Monday 26/11/2012, 12:01

UM_AaaBattery , is correct , i checked on my iphone she sisnt available yet.

offline BakaG LoA Titan  
Monday 26/11/2012, 12:03

^Is right^ Miss Lizbeth still has not been initiated into the New Blood packs. You can tell because looking at the listed cards in the packs, her name is absent.

Also, I just wanna say, I feel Diana really should have won. The only one that could beat a Quirkilicious character is a Quirkilicious character. ...Though I think the desire for a chance to collect a version of her that doesn't cost 50,000 clintz may have been the real deciding factor.

offline K475U Titan  
Monday 26/11/2012, 12:05

Are u still deciding her stats ?

offline Goralion Admin E X C A L I B U R
Monday 26/11/2012, 14:40


A = Diana, B = Sheryl, C= Kalindra. Sorry for the little mistake. smiley
Also, Miss Lizbeth is late... She will be available in a moment.smiley

edited by Goralion monday 26/11/2012, 14:40

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 26/11/2012, 12:11

Shes released smiley

offline Steel X_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 26/11/2012, 12:36

Uhm ... why is she non-Standard smiley ?

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