Monday 03/12/2012, 03:45

im looking to trade for a Kerozinn Cr
i have to offer
5 Zatman 0xp
5 Dorian 0xp
5 Hawk 0xp
and one of the following 3 options to add with above:
1.) 5 Vladmir 0xp
2.) 2 Rolph 0xp
3.) 3 Maciej 0xp
to clarify that is the first 3 card lots and one of the 3 numbered card lots
this offer is for kerozinn full xp i will add 20k clintz (20,000) if the kerozinn is 0xp
PM for a faster response
other offers may be considered but Kerozinn Cr is an auto smiley

Thanks Mods & FO

Monday 03/12/2012, 15:35

Still looking.
also i have 39 0xp Borss and 61 0xp Redra these lots i will trade together for a Kenny Crsmiley


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