offline Bemmoth Titan  
Monday 03/12/2012, 03:47

Any players with Legend status without having unlocked access to the market?

Or... any players aspiring to do this?

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 03/12/2012, 16:46

I think there's someone who did it. Or was it the entire collection.. I can't remember.

offline Population 0 Guru URBAN MADNESS
Monday 03/12/2012, 17:48

Uhm.. What or how does one unlock acces to the market?

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Monday 03/12/2012, 19:10

Well, I consider that impossible. Theoretically possible, but still impossible.

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Monday 03/12/2012, 20:35

@Population 0
Buying credits or doing a free offer.

Mystic Ranger has a dj korr cr and has never brought credits.

offline DUC-Erasmus Imperator  
Monday 03/12/2012, 22:20

Survey /thread

offline Bemmoth Titan  
Tuesday 04/12/2012, 02:21

@Thoazol I wonder if I can be 2nd then. Hah.

@Population 0 Either do a free offer, or purchase creds.

@DeepEnd I'm trying to (although, I did get to sell a few cards before market was got locked).

@Infiniti Not the same... and I'm not that lucky. Hah.

@DUC-Erasmus No * next to name (asterisk and star).

offline Carnage_Time Imperator D-Versified
Tuesday 04/12/2012, 21:03

How do you get the cards without using market or buying?

offline Mistah Prince Imperator Time Conquers All
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 01:28

@-Infinit- Yeah, and it wasn't from winning it in ELO or DT either. He worked his way up to that smiley

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