offline Khwarazem Veteran  
Wednesday 12/12/2012, 11:55

I'm thinking of making either a fang pi clang or la junta deck that's either a hybrid or mono.
Anybody have advice on the pros and cons of choosing between these 2 clans and a mono or hybrid deck?
Also if anyone could mention which clans would complement a la junta/ fang pi clang hybrid deck too. That would be be great as well.

Sorry, if this topic's already been repeated a lot of times.

offline Hihihilalala Hero  
Wednesday 12/12/2012, 14:29

A lot of people say that La Junta is not really that playable in mono. In my opinion, it is mainly because they don't have a lot of 8 powered cards, they are often ability-reliant and that there is hardly any attack manipulation.
Whereas for FPC, the damage of those staple cards are often lower than those in La Junta. But to me, they looks good enough, just that they also lack attack manipulation.

Of course, the matter on mono or half deck depends on what mode you're referring to. For Elo, I'll suggest a half deck. I usually use half decks for Elo because it is hard to fit in all 8 (or 7 if you are using a splash) cards from the same clan without fitting in some not so desirable cards.
As for Tourney, you might want to use a mono as the stars doesn't really matter. But it is quite hard because their bonuses don't provide the leverage against clans like the Uppers, All Stars, and Junkz, which are all frequent clans in Tourney. But of course, you still can attempt it.

Personally, I like both clans quite a lot. However, my opinion might be flawed as I don't use FPC since at least a year ago. Also, I haven't use La Junta for quite a while now.

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