Wednesday 12/12/2012, 20:58

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a guild that will help me to learn how to better play this game, and to grow as player, I just need to tell you that I start to play again after 7 months, and before of this break I played the game for 1/2 months, I'm not really an expert, I'm far away so long because for work I travel a lot and for that, sometimes I won't be online for long time, or sometimes I would be online a lot, like in this period... if this is not a problem for you, can I join your Guild? thanks... smiley

Thursday 13/12/2012, 09:06

Join Vengeful Little Ponies, try and be active when u can we give out advice also so you wanna join?

Thursday 13/12/2012, 10:08

This topic should be closed now cus this person has joined my guild


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