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Thursday 13/12/2012, 12:25

Sup guys,

Ready for some market math? Decided to add together the current prices a few days ago. They've probably moved around a little, but here's what I have. Peruse at your pleasure! For the TLsmileyR crowd, the numbers as of a few days ago are currently:

3,311,312 Clintz is the current market price of every non-CR card in the game combined.
89,890,607 Clintz is the current market price of every non-CR card in the game combined.

Horrible Generalisation: If you were to try to earn the 93M for every card in the game only from winning matches, at a winrate off 100% at 7ish clintz per win, and a a time rate of 5 minutes per match, and not including any other factors, (various bonuses from the different modes, or how earned credits factor into it) it would take you....

12,314,559 wins
Or about 106 years.

Maybe you'd prefer to buy the clintz, then?
Well, to get that figure, you'd be spending about...
900,000 credits.
or 3,141,000 Pounds

Read on if you want to see some of the finer figures.

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 12:43

First of all: The current combined price of the clans. This is seperated by clan, and rarity. So, for the first example, the All Stars, the 15 common cards added together equal 6868 clintz to purchase, the 18 uncommon equal 87026 and the six rare equal 40653 and the total is 134543.

All Stars: 6868 15c, 87026 18u, 40653 6r = 134547
Bangers: 5931 15c, 68861 16u, 51851 9r = 126643
Bezerk: 6541 10c, 55750 12u, 119795 6r = 182086
Fang Pi: 10033 13c, 33520 13u, 145873 12r = 189426
Freaks: 9181 13c, 89838 19u, 48095 9r = 147114
Frozn: 8790 7c, 16753 4u, 129283 5r = 154826
GHEIST: 5302 15c, 62366 13u, 89385 11r = 157053
Jungo: 15444 14c, 137206 13u, 32240 9r = 184890
Junks: 7237 12c, 96469 18u, 79771 11r = 183477
La Junta: 10235 16c, 54119 13u, 47253 10r = 111607
Montana: 12713 18c, 77849 16u, 16019 6r = 106581
Nightmare: 2983 19c, 59561 14u, 119417 12r = 181961
Piranha: 7621 15c, 44162 12u, 127260 10r = 179043
Pussycats: 6882 14c, 126855 14u, 39180 10r = 172917
Rescue: 15186 16c, 33122 13u, 45271 7r = 93579
Roots: 4352 12c, 58738 16u, 17198 6r = 80288
Sakrohm: 4890 13c, 58450 14u, 91062 12r = 154402
Sentinel: 5903 16c, 92515 14u, 32159 7r = 130577
Skeelz: 6370 14c, 34597 13u, 55350 10r = 96317
Ulu: 8259 18c, 68163 12u, 88231 11r = 164653
Uppers: 4227 14c, 85412 15u, 51731 8r = 141370
Vortex: 2720 9c, 21849 8u, 213386 10r = 237955

Let's go deeper then, shall we?

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 12:52

The problem with reading the above is that it is misleading, currently. As you can't get some of the cards in a set because they're in New Blood, we need to remove them from the above figures. So, for the sake of simplicity: we'll say the New Bloods are in their own clan, and seperate them from the above totals.

We'll describe New Blood before we adjust the totals:

New Blood: 8544 12c, 35168 12u, 164403 11r = 208115

That puts it at the second highest "clan", just under Vortex. Whether it stays that way or not, well, we'll see now!
All Stars: 128140
Bangers: 126473
Bezerk: 180786
Fang Pi: 173086
Freaks: 140864
Frozn: 138816
GHEIST: 152453
Jungo: 184700
Junks: 178127
La Junta: 106372
Montana: 106345
New Blood: 208115
Nightmare: 157896
Piranha: 95843
Pussycats: 170867
Rescue: 93220
Roots: 79225
Sakrohm: 154179
Sentinel: 130437
Skeelz: 92717
Ulu: 162426
Uppers: 123870
Vortex: 226955

So, those values are the true values for the clans. Notice how drastic some of the changes were, like in Piranas, which dropped by nearly half.

But let's go deeper then this.

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 12:53

For me, I like making a solid profit over a lucky/risky one. So, what as a clan might look like a great deal, if the worth of the deck is only in one card, you may not draw the thing. So, I decided to do the totals again, but this time removing the top most clintz card as well as the NB from each clan, to show which would be the most consistent for clintz.

All Stars: 106140
Bangers: 96573
Bezerk: 100786
Fang Pi: 93586
Freaks: 105914
Frozn: 58816
GHEIST: 125328
Jungo: 132570
Junks: 143127
La Junta: 79573
Montana: 69645
New Blood: 156115
Nightmare: 107096
Piranas: 68843
Pussycats: 111867
Rescue: 73720
Roots: 59725
Sakrohm: 95969
Sentinel: 85937
Skeelz: 75717
Ulu: 111426
Uppers: 94870
Vortex: 166955

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 12:55

21:46 - FairMeticulous: How many clintz does one get for a match won?
21:46 - FairMeticulous: 5, 10?
21:48 - 0 ComeAtMe: depends
21:48 - 0 ComeAtMe: if you win or lose
21:48 - 0 ComeAtMe: you generally dont go over 9
21:48 - FairMeticulous: LEt's say win
21:51 - FairMeticulous: 89mish for the CR cards, + 3.3ish for the Non Cr cards divided by say, 7 clintz per battle = 13,314,559 battles.
21:52 - 0 ComeAtMe: yea thats about right
21:52 - 0 ComeAtMe: thats 12,314,559 wins don't forget
21:52 - 0 ComeAtMe: and your not counting timeouts/leave
21:53 - FairMeticulous: which at a time of 2.5 minutes = 23115 days of playing
21:53 - FairMeticulous: or 63 years.
21:54 - FairMeticulous: In summry: I have no idea why people think the market is expensive.
21:54 - 0 ComeAtMe: lol
21:54 - 0 ComeAtMe: games do not take 2.5m
21:54 - 0 ComeAtMe: they often take 4-5 minutes
21:55 - FairMeticulous: 80ish to 106 years then.
21:56 - FairMeticulous: Of course, this is all horrible generalisations
21:56 - FairMeticulous: We could factor in a winrate into it, which would reflect it better
21:57 - 0 ComeAtMe: and also packs
21:57 - 0 ComeAtMe: and market shifts
21:57 - exk72: plus slots, guild bonus, suvivor bonus, DM bonus, T bonus etc

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 12:56

21:57 - FairMeticulous: Elo bonus
21:58 - FairMeticulous: Because whatever method you do, getting credits must surely be the best way.
21:58 - 0 ComeAtMe: looks like someone is gonna have his hands full
21:58 - exk72: mission bonus
21:59 - FairMeticulous: Here's an interesting question: How much time does doing the missions shave off?
22:01 - FairMeticulous: Ohh, there's a faster method, actually. Just simply buying the clintz.
22:01 - FairMeticulous: It's only cost 900,000 credits. Only.
22:02 - FairMeticulous: 3,141,000 Pounds
22:02 - FairMeticulous: Or $4,801,489.65 AUD.

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 14:33

Please account also for the credits, mission pays game mode wins (survivor spits quite easily 1000clintz from long streak) and also the average lottery income and the lottery event incomes for those who participate AND the card-prizes. They are real money and real resource - since any card you keep from the packs cuts down the "expense" of full collection.

Reaching full collection of non-CR cards is 100% possible target for anyone who really tries. Im just level 77 and I could afford full non-CR collection instantly, and I havent even grinded this game very much. (Tho I invest, thats my secret.)

The CR is highest peak and it is not meant to be reached for casual players. To reach CR you either need great skills and dedication in relevant parts of game (ELO, DT played A LOT.) - or you need to play the market pro and take risks and have some luck too. Either way its possible, extremely hard and tedious - but possible - not for anyone but not anyone will take this game as seriously as the ones reaching for 100% CR collection.

Its really long way anyway - either you whine or you take the first step and keep walking until youre there.

This is my motivational video:

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 14:56

Ha, to account for those factors and get it as exact as I'd like, as I stated, is a little too much math for my liking, hence the horrible generalisation. Other's are quite welcome to use what I've guestimated or work out their own figures and go from there.

Investing in the market isn't a secret, it's the only way to get that high, really. Of course, hitting something like a UR friend did when he had 500+ Edds before they went CR is the best way, but steady investment is a strong method.

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 22:06

Luckily, a guildie did more of the math so I don't have to. Credit for the post goes to ACalculus.

So, i just calculated the best rewards you can get from ELO each week.

For getting top in ELO, you get 4% of the jackpot, which is around 76k.
Assuming you somehow get the top cr prize every week, you get aroung 12m in those
You get 50creds for coming first - if you allow 'halfpacks', then 2.5 nb packs would give you aroung 25k
To get to 1600ELO, which is generally high enough to win every week, with an average of 15ELO per match, you need 40 matches, winrate 100%. With 7ctz per match (i think it's something like that) you get 280ctz per week in ELO

When you add that all up, you get approx. 12,126,280 ctz per week in ELO max.

When you look at it, that's quite a large number, but that is assuming you get the top cr prize and top ELO every week, and that sorta is almost impossible...
If you somehow do, though, it would take you only 8 weeks of ELO to reach 93M

Fairmeticulous edit: Well, pull the Cr out of that calculation, and it's 736 weeks of elo or 14 years.

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Thursday 13/12/2012, 23:43

So really, you'll die before getting a top-end CR before actually earning it, events and luck are the only two ways to get them. Along with investing, which can take either a short or a long time.

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