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[RECR] Gear Secondo

[RECR] Gear Secondo
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 19:49
Gone_4Good - Veteran English

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[RECR] Gear Secondo
Gone_4Good - Veteran English - Wednesday 26/12/2012, 19:49

Yep!, Its time to take things to the Second gear and build your way to the top. Any time you loose a match you get angry and want revenge!, then what you have to do is Modify you Deck and then Re-Challenge that person, Do Many Missions to Improve your levels and become one of the Most-Respected Player around.

Expect Many tournaments free Forum for our members to hang out and challenge each other and get Advice on how to improve your Play!, A Special Forum for Trading Cards and you can also make a trading agreement with out Members.

Love Challenge and plan to become one of the Elite in this game? then join Us, We Want to see you rise to the Top and Help You to get there


~No Discrimination or Racism Allowed
~~Must at least be Level 25 and above if you are under Level:25 and still want to join then do so but it would depend on your Fair play and your drive to improve
~All Languages Invited as long as you can use Google-Translate, We want to connect people
~You have to Introduce yourself after you join in the Guild Message Section
~No Begging for Trading Cards only agreements
~And most of all Must always be Up for A challenge(When Online)

All Clan Users Welcome !

If Your Interested Then Give me A Shout



Gone_4Good - Veteran English
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 23:44

As you can all see this Guild sounds so bad-ass and it, is challenge and trading all the way and much fun, it might look dead for now because it was made today so as soon as the numbers start going up you then it will evolve to become elite, so come on join us now to experience it with us , and by the way i will offer anyone who joins a free challenge one-on-one best out five thats if you are lucky to beat me to five hehe
Gone_4Good - Veteran English
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 23:52

I know that this Guild sounds so cool and too good to be true but really it is for challenge trading and fun, this was only made today thats why its got few numbers, so come on join us and lets make this thing evolve together,

CoryJay - Senior English
Thursday 27/12/2012, 00:02

Great clan
Gone_4Good - Veteran English
Thursday 27/12/2012, 00:38

Yep this Guild will become one of the best and you have a chance to join so come on, gear up for the challenge!
AJ Grudge - Hero English
Friday 04/01/2013, 22:33

Hey guys reap here. i'm an admin of this guild and it really is fun. i was one of the original members of this guild and i couldn't hope for a better one. talking to other members of the guild is really fun and so far i've had fun in our guild tournaments. if you've joined our guild and have any questions don't be afraid to ask. i feel we could become a true ur army someday. hope you think of joining us!
AJ Grudge - Hero English
Friday 04/01/2013, 22:49

Ok guys i'm reap and i'm an admin of this guild. i was here right from the start and i've had a great time so far. chatting to the other members is really fun and the battles are even better! if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Gone_4Good - Veteran English
Saturday 05/01/2013, 17:03

Yep come-on guys we are growing real fast and need more members so hit us up
you can expect an active guild with very friendly members
Gone_4Good - Veteran English
Monday 07/01/2013, 17:04

UPDATE: within a week we already have 23memebrs and still growing our helpful Admins are always here to answer your Questions and we are planing to have our First Guild war very soon so if you want to be part of it then Join Now!

XGrimBladeX - Guru - Gamerz Sanctuary English
Monday 07/01/2013, 17:39

Hi guys, I just joined this guild several days ago and I'm happy to be here.
It is active and grows so fast, you should come and join us

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