offline UR_Genie Senior URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 09/02/2013, 15:59

Hi everyone I am looking for a guild to join.

Things I look for in a guild:

1. Activity!! I want my guild on and active!
2. Community I want to grow and help others grow with game knowledge
3. Events nothing big really just ways to kick back have fun!!
4. A market in the guild that is active. I am always buying selling trading and I want to help those who help me!!
5. Maturity and knowledge. Sorry to all the new clans but I want a clan who I can discuss the game with

About me:
Age 20
Years played: Since late 2008 I believe is when I started
Fun, love to laugh/ have a good time, talkative, and I like to make events on occasion when I have spare time and prizes laying around.
Favorite clan: Prolly Nightmare, but I still run that Montana !!!
Favorite Card: Prolly Marina cause I finally got her and she has beat the crap out of me in the past!

Hope someone gives me a shout out and I finally find a group I want to stick with!!!

offline Cyber Moderator E X C A L I B U R starstarstarstar
Saturday 09/02/2013, 18:21

Try Limit Break smiley

offline Lucas Moon Colossus Magic Urban
Saturday 09/02/2013, 18:35

is a good option, we are a family, if ur active on our guild msg board and talkin then you're getting the most out of the HoA experience, we are active, have knowledge, have a market- I use it alot, I AM TOO always buying selling trading, we have mature people as well, and I discuss the game alot too, mainly the market aspects relating to whatever Im doing. You can apply and then someone will ask a couple questions to u, if u pass then ur in, but please try ur options around and when u have tried all ur other options then try this one on ur last stop. smiley Thankyou and best of luck smiley

Lucas Moon

offline Infiniti Colossus CC EN Team 2017 starstarstarstar
Saturday 09/02/2013, 21:32

Join us here at Open Casket, we are just as old as you smiley

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