Monday 11/02/2013, 08:39

Hey guys mind giving me some feedback??

Morphun, Copper, Hawk, Jackie Cr, Zatman, Dorian, Maurice, Lady

The main debate I have is between copper or Herman. they pretty much do the same thing, except:

copper more susceptible to SoA (almost dead)
Herman susceptible to SoB
copper better versus high power
copper better versus low power
Herman better versus mid power

so what do you guys think?

Monday 11/02/2013, 11:09

Its up to preference but I prefer Herman. most cards in t2 are 7 power or higher so hermans power reduc usually works.

Monday 11/02/2013, 12:18

They both are bad against soa. try Palmer?

Monday 11/02/2013, 17:34

Drawing Palmer by itself, 7/7 is literally useless. thing is Nightmare seems to be pretty common.

Monday 18/02/2013, 01:20

Maybe copper - Palmer or graks


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