offline TNT_Blue Titan TRiNiTY
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 02:14

I hate using freaks, I hate having freaks used against me, however, they don't deserve this ban. Ban every other card except her, Wolfgang, Grudj, and Esmeralda. The only reason I say this is because THIS DECK (Esmeralda, Wolfgang, Olga, Grudj, Pegh, Rodney, Midna, Askai) is the deck that the highest ELO record was achieved with. If it were banned, then the record theoretically can't be broken (since this deck can be said to be the best deck ever).

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 04:42

Umm... troll post. theres no BEST deck, and askai already banned god.... and i bet jean was not released back then. also that deck does not have bogdan either.. what a joke.

back to original topic. either olga goes, or bogdan. i think bogdan goes is actually more suitable, but olga would then have to stay every week, and the whole clan is actually very weak to SoB.

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 05:44

Well, it's not the best deck ever. You could make a better version of it with Bogdan, Jean and Troompah. Anyway, i bet the record can be broken with the current format.

offline TNT_Blue Titan TRiNiTY
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 06:48

I knew this was gonna come up. Listen guys, I know that there's "no best deck in UR", but face it, this deck is pretty good. If the ELO record was 1700 and it was achieved a few years ago with cards such as Jackie, Graks, and Zatman, would it be fair to have those cards banned?

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 07:26

You're overlooking the obvious solution, which is to reverse ELO scores so that they start from 2000 and go down to 0 as you advance. Then anybody who is proud of having a high score in ELO will just look silly, and Olga can stay banned.

Wait, what?

offline Fotakou Imperator  
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 09:18

^ trolololo

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