Friday 08/03/2013, 18:40

I have the following cards and their price
- Ghumbo full xp 17.5k
- Leviatonn 0xp 18.5k
- Essie full xp 3.3k
- Randy 0xp 1.1k
- 2 Kawamashi Cr full xp 6.4k
- 1 Kawamashi Cr 0xp 6.6k
- 2 Annuqa 0xp 3.4k
- 2 Lena 0xp 1.8k
- Askai 0xp 2.4k
- Benicio 0xp 1.9k
- Rubie full xp 5.5k
- Clover full xp 7k
- 200 Sunder 0xp 500 clintz

I want the following cards base on market price:
Smokey Cr, Dalhia Cr, Marina, Gil, Romana, Copper, Charlie, Numar, Kolos, Mona, Praxie, Jay, Selma, Zatman, Bloodh, Swidz Cr, X-0DUS, Blaaster Cr, and Kalindra.

Pm me so we can work out a deal. Thank you mods and have a nice day. smiley

Friday 08/03/2013, 19:12

Annuqa are gone

Friday 08/03/2013, 19:29

Ghumbo gone as well

Friday 08/03/2013, 21:57

Add a Ghumbo but now 18k

Saturday 09/03/2013, 14:35

Ghumbo, 1 Lena, Clover, and Leviatonn are gone.
added Thorpah 0xp

Saturday 09/03/2013, 16:20

The full xp Kawamashi are gone but added 2 Hriger 0xp

Don't need Dalhia Cr and Romana

Sunday 10/03/2013, 03:38

Essie gone.
So i have the following so far:
1 Thorpah 0xp
Randy 0xp
Rubie full xp
Benicio 0xp
kawamashi 0xp
and 200 Sunder 0xp.

Still up and I want the cards above. And no NB or bulks trade.

Monday 11/03/2013, 14:39

0xp Kawamashi gone
So I have only
2 Hriger 0xp
Thorpah 0xp
Randy 0xp
Benicio 0xp
Rubie full xp
200 Sunder 0xp

Monday 11/03/2013, 22:23

Updated list and don't want Praxie or Jay

- Randy 0xp 1.1k
- Lena 0xp 1.8k
- 2 Hriger 0xp 4k each
- Thorpah 0xp 11k
- Rubie full xp 5.5k
- 200 Sunder 0xp 500 clintz each

Wednesday 13/03/2013, 21:46

Thorpah, Hriger, and Lena gone.

Thanks all. Closed smiley


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